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Write for Us

Op-Eds and Guest Blogs Wanted

Living Blue in Texas is looking contributing politicians, candidates, lawyers, and writers in Texas. If you’d like to write for us, please send links to your previous work, op-eds, or pitches for a blog post or article to Please include your name, contact information, a little about yourself, and what you would like to write about.

If you are a brand looking to do a sponsored post, please download our Media Kit and contact us about pricing.

As a contributor, you’ll get to:

Living Blue in Texas’ Contributor Guidelines:

  1. We are looking for blogs or content pieces related to current events and policies in Texas. We are also interested in reports or agendas related to political activism and social movements, especially in Texas. 
  2. While our website is to be Texas focused, we are interested in federal issues that also affect Texans. (i.e. environmental, border policies, education, social security, and federal laws)
  3. Facts matter. All articles should have links to reputable sources, when possible. Wikipedia does not count. 
  4. You can submit your own photos or screenshots along with your article if you like. If not, we have a big pool of stock images we can add for you.
  5. Spelling and grammar matter. Article quality should be engaging, concise, complete, and original.
  6. Posts MUST be completely original and not previously published anywhere else. 
  7. Submitting a post gives LivingBlueTx the rights to edit by fixing typos, grammar, interlinking, imagery, shortening long subheads, etc.
  8. By submitting an article to LivingBlueTx, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with any DMCA related issues.

What writing for Living Blue in Texas will provide:

  • As a contributor, you’ll receive an author bio with links, photos, etc. at the end of your post. As well as a bio on our contributors page.
  • By submitting posts to Living Blue in Texas, this will give you a chance to build your own portfolio/brand.
  • Visibility of your content not only on Living Blue in Texas, which gets 50,000 page views a month, but also on Living Blue in Texas’ Facebook page and it’s 67,000 followers.

We are not offering any payments for guest submissions at this time.

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