Living Blue In Texas

The 87th Legislator Anti Awards©

Living Blue in Texas proudly presents the 87th Legislator Anti Awards©. Texas state legislators who act, speak, and push bills that are anti-human, anti-woman, anti-healthcare, anti-LGBTQI+, anti-environment, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Constitutional, and EVERY OTHER ‘anti’ that they aren’t supposed to be will win an Anti Award©. Then, at the end of the 87th Legislative regular session, we will crown a King or Queen of the Anti Awards©.

As long as Republicans are in control of Texas and continue to strip us of our rights, while shoving far-right extremism down our throats; they are ignoring the wants and needs of the 5.2 million Texans who voted against them. Texas is purple and it’s time for us to take a stand against these extremists.


Bryan Slaton – 7
Kyle Biedermann – 5
Briscoe Cain – 4
Drew Springer – 3
Valoree Swanson – 3
Lacey Hull – 2
Bob Hall – 2
Cole Hefner – 1
Mayes Middleton – 1
Steve Allison – 1
Jeff Cason – 1
Bryan Huges – 1
Matt Schaefer – 1
Tony Tinderholdt – 1
Angela Paxton – 1
Dade Phelan – 1
Steve Toth -1
Cody Vasut – 1
Tan Parker – 1

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