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Bado, Angie

Democratic Candidate
House District 70

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Brannon, Bill

Democratic Candidate

House District 2

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Boldt, Travis

Democratic Candidate
House District 29

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Henry, Patrick

Democratic Candidate
House District 25

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Herrera, Joe

Democratic Candidate
House District 53

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Johnson, Alec

Democratic Candidate
House District 11

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Melancon, Glenn

Grayson County Democratic Chair and the SDEC 30 Committee Man

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Parker-Mims, Delia

Democratic Candidate
Denton County Commissioner 3

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Shupp, Martin

Democratic Candidate
House District 3

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Smith, Craig

Judge and Democratic Candidate
192nd District Court, Dallas County

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Spanko, Audrey

Democratic Candidate
Senate District 1

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Vick, Robert

Democratic Candidate
Senate District 22

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Watson, Delonia

Democratic Candidate
Justice, Second Court of Appeals, Place Six

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Quiggle, Jeff

Vice President of Plano Area Democrats Club

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