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A Blue Dot in a Red Sea

Living Blue in Texas was started for the sole purpose of helping to keep voters informed and up-to-date on the latest in Texas news and politics.

The goal is simple, to help keep Texas democrats motivated to get out and vote.

We want to see an end of the extreme Gerrymandering which has taken place in Texas and voter suppression. Once and for all, we want to turn Texas blue.

Living Blue in Texas’ History

In November 2012 a Facebook page called Living Blue in a Red State was created. From that, the founders, started a network of people who each began running chapters in each state. Including Living Blue in Texas, which began in March 2013.

Many of the states eventually drifted off and people disappeared. Yet, Living Blue in Texas continued to grow. Eventually we became the most successful Living Blue in a Red State spin-off.

As of April 1, 2020, the Living Blue in Texas Facebook page has 65,000 followers.

This website was started by, Michelle D., one of the Living Blue in Texas Facebook page founders. Living Blue in Texas is a collaborative blog, with interests from Amarillo to Brownsville, who all share the same ideas of a better Texas.

Our core principles:

We believe in:


Native Texan, Mom, Writer, Editor, Liberal.

We are not funded by or affiliated with any group, politicians, or PAC. All opinions of authors and contributors are their own.

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