Francine Ly Announces Run For Texas Congressional District 24

Francine Ly Announces Run For Texas Congressional District 24

Dallas, Texas – Francine Ly, a first-generation Asian American and former District Legislative Director, has announced her candidacy for Texas Congressional District 24.

Growing up as a refugee who did not learn English until the age of 9, Ly is a proud graduate of Dallas Public Schools. Her educational journey led her to Eastfield Community College, where she earned her associate degree, and El Centro College, where she completed the Paralegal program. Ly’s commitment to education continued as she earned her Bachelor’s in Legal Studies from Purdue while balancing her career and motherhood.

As a Certified Court Manager and grassroots leader for over a decade, Ly has the experience and knowledge to build consensus with anyone willing to do the job. She is determined to end the chaos that the MAGA Republicans have created in the People’s House and work tirelessly to represent the people of Texas Congressional District 24.

“I am the only candidate FOR the people, BY the people, and OF the people for Texas Congressional District 24,” said Ly. “With YOUR continued support and vote, in 2024, the People’s voices will be heard!”

Ly’s campaign is rooted in her commitment to her community and the values that make it strong. She believes in affordable healthcare for all, equitable education, and protecting voting rights. Ly has seen firsthand the impact of gerrymandering and voter suppression, and she will fight to ensure every voice is heard in our democracy.

“Growing up, I learned the value of hard work, and I know what it means to fight for what is right,” said Ly. “As a mother, I am committed to leaving a better world for my children and future generations. That is why I am running for Congress – to make sure that every person in Texas Congressional District 24 has a voice and that our values are represented in Washington.”

Ly is running as a Democrat in a district that has been historically Republican. However, Ly believes that her message of unity and progress will resonate with all district residents. Her campaign will focus on bringing people together and working towards a brighter future.

“We have seen what happens when politicians prioritize party over people – chaos, division, and hate,” said Ly. “It’s time for a new kind of politics, one that puts the people first. I am ready to work with anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, to make sure that we are moving towards a better future for our community and our country.”

Ly’s campaign has already gained significant support from community leaders and activists. With a strong message of hope and progress, Ly is poised to make history and represent the people of Texas Congressional District 24 in Washington.

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