Ronny Jackson Hires Racist Beauty Queen After Stripped Of Crown

Ronny Jackson Hires Racist Beauty Queen After Stripped Of Crown

Congressman Jackson makes yet another bad decision and hires a racist and disgraced beauty queen.

In 2019, Kathy Zhu was crowned Miss Michigan in the state’s beauty pageant. However, one day later, she was stripped of her title due to multiple racist tweets.

Here are the archived tweets which caused her to lose her crown:

Zhu has since been permanently banned from Twitter.

Zhu is anti-Black, anti-Muslim, and anti-LGBTQ, and she hasn’t made a secret of it.

Before anyone says, “but she’s Asian,” scroll below to see a picture of her flashing a white power sign. She’s made clear through her antics and her love of both Hitler and the KKK she identifies as white.

After she was stripped of her beauty queen crown, she said publicly that “coming out as Conservative was harder than coming out as gay.”

After disgraced, Zhu tried to get in Nick Fuentes’ friend group.

Nick Fuentes calls Kathy Zhu a crybaby.
Kathy Zhu flashes white power sign.

Nick Fuentes is a white supremacist political commentator and live streamer. Trump was recently in the news and received a huge backlash for having dinner with Fuentes.

Zhu attempted to infiltrate Fuentes’ friend circle in 2019, but after a parody Twitter account was made about Zhu, her behavior alienated her from Fuentes’ white supremacy clique.

So, what does a racist, disgraced ex-beauty queen do once her 15 minutes of fame are up?

She gets a job as a staffer in the office of a congressman who participated in a seditious conspiracy against America, of course.

Ronny Jackson hired Kathy Zhu as his scheduler in 2022.

Yesterday, during the vote for House Speaker, Congressman Ronny Jackson was caught on video acting like a junky on a three-day coke binge.

I’d like to say that if Congressman Jackson was suffering from drug addiction, it likely played a part in his hiring decisions and was why he decided to hire Zhu.

However, Jackson has been making a lot of bad decisions for a long time. Thanks to the Republican Party of Texas, he’s been gerrymandered into a guaranteed win, even though his presence in congress threatens democracy.

Kathy Zhu is earning a salary funded by taxpayers.

That means your tax dollars are going to a white supremacist who hates Black and Muslim people.

It also makes you wonder, does Ronny Jackson share her ideals?

Regardless, Kathy Zhu has no place in our nation’s capitol, and Jackson should remove her at once.

Call or email Congressman Jackson’s office. Let them know how disgusted and appalled you are with his hiring of Kathy Zhu. You can reach Jackson’s office at 202-225-3706.

Urge him to replace her immediately. We should not stand for this.

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