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Briscoe Cain Proposes Open Carry For Felons And Undocumented Immigrants

Representative Cain wants to grant the right to open carry to all individuals, including non-citizens, in public spaces.

Briscoe Cain filed a joint resolution, HJR 78, allowing ANYONE (including non-citizens) to open carry a gun in public ANYWHERE. No restrictions.

The bill proposes a constitutional amendment, which would change the Texas Constitution to read, “Every person shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State.” This would eliminate the current laws that allows the legislature to regulate gun possession and open carrying.

If passed, this bill would be a disaster for public safety.

It would allow anyone, including convicted felons and domestic abusers, to carry a weapon in public without any restrictions. It would also allow non-citizens to carry a weapon, even though non-citizens are not legally able to possess firearms.

This bill should be named the Gun Violence Increase Act because that’s what it will do: increase gun violence. This is not just hyperbole but a fact backed by researchRecently, gun-related violence has soared in Texas after the legislature has reduced regulations. By removing all restrictions on who can carry a weapon and where they can carry it, this bill would undoubtedly lead to more gun violence.

Briscoe Cain and other Republican gun fanatics will try to push this lunacy under the guise of “gun rights” and “self-defense,” but in reality, it is just a thinly veiled effort to increase profits for the gun industry. They will try and push this in the hopes that we settle somewhere in between, like lowering the age for Permitless carry to 18 or taking away some places where guns are prohibited: hospitals, stadiums, SCHOOLS, and courtrooms.

This is not only dangerous but also highly irresponsible.

Allowing guns in hospitals, stadiums, and schools would risk countless innocent people’s lives. Allowing guns in courtrooms would also pose a serious threat to the integrity of our justice system.

It is important to note that this bill is not just dangerous but also highly unpopular. A recent poll found that most Texans support stricter gun laws, including background checks for all gun sales and a ban on assault weapons. The majority of Texans do not want this bill to pass.

HJR 78 is a dangerous and irresponsible bill that would risk the lives of innocent people. It should be rejected by the legislature and the voters at the ballot box. The people of Texas deserve better than this. We need common-sense gun laws that will keep our communities safe, not a bill that would put profits for the gun industry above the lives and safety of our citizens.

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