The Second Bi-Annual Anti-Awards©

The Second Bi-Annual Anti-Awards©

Who will ultimately be crowned this year’s Anti-King or Anti-Queen?

Texas state legislators who act, speak, and push bills that are anti-human, anti-woman, anti-healthcare, anti-LGBTQI+, anti-environment, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Constitutional, and EVERY OTHER ‘anti’ that they aren’t supposed to be will win an Anti-Award©. Then, at the end of the 88th Legislative regular session, we will crown a King or Queen of the Anti-Awards©.

We’re going to spice it up a little this year. Last session, all of our Anti-Awards© looked the same. ➡️➡️➡️➡️

While some of the awards will look that way, we’re going to give new awards for different reasons.

The first round of Anti-Awards©.

Right out of the gate, all of the Representatives and/or Senators who block me on Twitter are getting the Poo-Award©. ➡️

It’s not like I can’t log onto another Twitter account and still see what they’re doing, but it’s absolute poo that I have to. Last session, Briscoe Cain won an Anti-Award© for blocking me on Twitter. But after I wrote the story about his murderous great-grandfather named Briscoe Cain, he unblocked me. So, if the legislator unblocks me, I’ll take the Poo-Award back©. (Make sure to let them know.)

Giving out these awards are going to be fun and we’re going to be merciless. If we have to grin and bare it through all of the Republicans bad behavior and fascist attacks on marginalized communities, the very least we can do is have a good time while going through it.

You can find the SCOREBOARD here. We’ll pin it to the top of the page, make sure to keep an eye out for new awards, which will be given out from now until the end of the legislative session.

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