What Did Texas Congressional Members Do In 2022?

What Did Texas Congressional Members Do In 2022?

From big oil to investigations and the members who didn’t show up to work, what did Texas congressional members do in 2022?

Unfortunately, due to the severity of racial gerrymandering in Texas, we had more congresspeople work to harm Texans than to do good. Some congressional members seldom showed up to work, others spent their time in the pockets of big oil, while the good ones actually worked to make America a better place.

What did your elected official do this year?

TX01 – Louie Gohmert (R).

In less than a week, some village in East Texas is getting their idiot back. Finally, the biggest embarrassment in Texas will no longer be in DC representing us. Gohmert opted to run for Attorney General of Texas in the last election instead of his Congressional seat. He lost. Let’s hope he retires permanently and we don’t see his face in politics anymore.

Louie Gohmert was first elected in 2004, and during his 18 years in Congress, only one of his bills ever became law.

That bill was an amendment to the Communications Act of 1934 and was passed in the 115th Congress.

Judging by how awful some of his bills were this last year, it’s easy to understand why no one ever took him seriously like the Matthew Lawrence Perna Act, which would have lifted Capitol rioters off the hook from any legal repercussions. Or the Home Rule Act would have allowed the January 6th Rioters to transfer court venues to their home towns.

Louie Gohmert focused much of his time defending criminals and Donald Trump.

In June, we learned that Louie Gohmert asked Trump for a pardon regarding his involvement in the failed coup. Gohmert broke his oath of office and attempted to overthrow the election, just one of many Texas Republicans who participated in the treasonous activity in January 2021.

Louie Gohmert, an idiot, turned traitor, presented a flag to honor Capitol rioters after their release from prison in September.

Over the last year, Gohmert complained that Republicans weren’t allowed to lie to the FBI, stated prayers would stop mass shootings, and was the lone congressman to vote against getting the baby formula to hungry infants. Most Texans will be glad to see him go.

TX02 – Dan Crenshaw (R).

Congressman Crenshaw represents one of the most gerrymandered districts in America. Without the severely gerrymandered lines drawn the way they are, Crenshaw would not be in office.

Although Dan Crenshaw’s political ideology is abhorrent to most of us, he has held his positions with integrity, causing him to become one of the most hated Republicans in his own party.

The divide between Crenshaw and the rest of the GOP became clear at this year’s Republican Party of Texas Convention when he was violently attacked by a right-wing mob who accused him of being a globalist and a traitor.

Crenshaw had a difficult year dealing with members of his own party. In January, he went viral for snapping at a young girl after she questioned him on his previous comments about Jesus.

He publicly feuded with Margorie Taylor Green and criticized other Republicans for attending white nationalist events, but still won his primary after fellow Republicans labeled him a RINO.

Has Crenshaw gone rogue?

Last month, Crenshaw said that Republicans knew the 2020 election wasn’t rigged and denounced the GOP calls to defund the FBI.

While it may seem that he’s gone rogue because of his willingness to stand up to and criticize his own party, he’s still a far-right Republican who embraces the us vs. them mentality. He praised Republican governors who bussed migrants up north and criticized the raid at Mar-A-Lago.

A right-wing mob attacked Dan Crenshaw at Texas GOP Convention.

Dan Crenshaw was first elected four years ago, but to this day, not one of the bills he’s written has ever been passed.

TX03 – Van Taylor (R).

Van Taylor did something out of the ordinary for Republicans. After he was caught having an affair, he dropped his re-election bid and is retiring this week.

We should give him credit for stepping down after his integrity was proven to be flawed since, over the last few years, five Texas state legislators were caught stepping out on their spouses and still ran for re-election.

Van Taylor was elected in 2018 and never had a bill pass the House.

Replacing him on January 3 will be the newly elected Keith Self, a Yankee turned Texan and former Collin County Judge. While during his previous held seat, Self was often praised for being a centrist, he ran his campaign on hard-right positions.

TX04 – Pat Fallon (R).

Before Pat Fallon was a Congressman, he was a State Senator. In fact, he was the State Senator of Parker County when the violent white supremacist riot happened in 2020. He never addressed that incident, but while in Congress last year, he used racist propaganda to blame Black Lives Matter for violence that never happened.

Fallon was sworn into his first term in office in January 2021, and one of the first things he did was vote to overturn the election. He participated in seditious rhetoric leading up to the Capitol riot and then afterward took a ridiculous photo of himself holding a stick, attempting to portray himself as democracy’s defender.

However, it was just an act. Earlier this year, Fallon was photographed with a violent terrorist group in North Texas at one of their events.

Typical Texas Republican?

While the 117th Congressional Session was Fallon’s first session in DC, he faced a serious ethic probe over $21 million in unreported stock trades.

Pat Fallon and his stick.

Fallon, he’s an investor, and it’s reported he profited handsomely over Elon Musk’s right-wing Twitter takeover. The congressman raised a few eyebrows over the summer when he blamed iPhones for mass shootings.

During the 2022 election, Fallon faced a formidable opponent with Iro Omere but unfortunately won re-election.

TX05 – Lance Gooden (R).

Lance Gooden is one of the worst congresspeople from Texas, second only to Ronny Jackson, in his persistent boot-licking on Donald Trump. Roughly 95% of Gooden’s social media posts are about how much he loves Trump. It’s weird and creepy.

I recently dug into Gooden’s activity in DC. I found that he only appeared at two committee hearings this year, only spoke on the House floor one time, and voted by proxy likely more than any other Texas congressperson.

Why? He and his family spent most of 2022 traveling the globe. He posted pictures on Facebook from Israel, Italy, the East Hamptons, New Orleans, Arkansas, and Austin.

Gooden spent more time vacationing with his family this year than doing his job in DC. Perhaps that’s a good thing since he’s one of the Texas Congressmen who participated in Trump’s seditious coup.

Lance Gooden was re-elected in 2022.

TX06 – Jake Ellzey (R).

Congressman Ellzey was elected during a special election after Ron White died in 2021, thanks to my help. Don’t get that wrong, because I would never be for a Republican, but TX06 is my congressional district, and the special election went to a runoff between Ron Wright’s widow, Susan, and Ellzey.

One of Ron Wright’s final acts of office was to vote to overturn the election. That’s why when his widow ran on “continuing his legacy” and received a Trump endorsement, I knew that meant trouble. Ellzey promised me personally, along with other Democratic activists in the area, that if Democrats showed up for him in the runoff between he and Susan Wright, he would reach across the aisle and work with us.

That’s why I wrote, “TX06 Democrats, Drink The Poison Or Else Trump Wins.” So, Democratic voters helped tip the scales for Ellzey in that runoff election. Unfortunately, the several county Democratic parties which encompass TX06 failed to run an opponent in 2022, so Ellzey won unopposed.

Has Ellzey kept his promise?

A few months ago, Ellzey teamed up with Dallas Democrat Colin Allred to get more than $442 million in upgrades to Veterans Affairs healthcare facilities in Dallas and El Paso. The bill has already been signed into law by Joe Biden. In an era when Republicans have done so little for veterans, it appears that Jake Ellzey has kept his word.

Unfortunately, Ellzey also teamed up with John Cornyn to get a post office named after the late Ron Wright in Arlington. This was a slap in the face to Arlington residents after Wright participated in the attempt to overthrow democracy shortly before his death. Regardless, as far as Republicans go, Ellzey hasn’t been terrible. We’ll have to see how things play out this session and whether TX06 Democrats can get someone to run against him in 2024.

TX07 – Lizzie Fletcher (D).

First elected in 2018, Lizzie Fletcher has gotten both praise and criticism from Democratic voters. Most recently, her bill, Autos for Veterans, passed and was sent to the President’s desk.

Fletcher led the way for legislation that expanded Medicaid and protected abortion rights. Unfortunately, none of those bills passed.

On the flip side, when leftists refer to “white liberals,” they often talk about the Liberals who vote as Fletcher has.

Texas progressives have been extremely critical of Congresswoman Fletcher’s position on oil.

Fletcher has received more money from oil & gas than any other congressional Democrat (and more than most Republicans), raking in hundreds of thousands from some of the world’s biggest polluters. Fletcher has also worked against the Green New Deal and voted in favor of fossil fuels.

Is it time for Harris County Democrats to primary Lizzie Fletcher?

Harris County has been hit increasingly harder and more frequently with hurricanes and floods due to the climate crisis. While most cancer clusters from oil refineries are to the southeast of Harris County, environmental pollution affects us all.

While veterans need cars and Democrats to seem to be the only party working for veterans, it won’t matter if we’re all dead from climate disasters. Unless Congresswoman Fletcher can get with the program and break away from big oil, her ideals put her at odds with many in her party. That’s something that Harris County Democrats need to decide whether they are willing to put up with or not.

TX08 – Kevin Brady (R).

Kevin Brady has been in Congress for 26 years, which may have contributed to his retiring this year.

It really doesn’t matter what he did during his two and half decade stint because history will always remember him as one of the seditious members from Texas who attempted to overthrow the government.

Brady was another Yankee who moved to Texas to transform the state into a Conservative mecca. While the GOP has won the last few battles, the war is far from over.

And we’ll all be left to wonder, after retirement, whether Brady had retired to his original home in South Dakota or decided to spend his golden years in Texas.

TX09 – Al Green (D).

Who doesn’t love Houston Congressman Al Green? Since being elected to congress in 2004, Green has been a champion for the people. Whether he’s standing up for the poor, communities of color, or LGBTQ individuals, Green has always been someone that Texans can count on.

That held true in 2022 as Green worked to hold Greg Abbott’s feet to the fire over the Uvalde massacre and pushed to get a DACA recipient returned home after a paperwork error. Throughout Congressman Green’s tenure, he has remained consistent and dedicated to the people in Houston.

Green turned 75 this year, but we hope to see him in continued good health and office as long as he is willing.

TX10 – Michael McCaul (R).

Michael McCaul was elected the same year as Al Green. Although the youngest of the two, 60-year-old McCaul has been in office for 26 years.

In March this year, McCaul pissed off Tucker Carlson when he called him an “organ of Russian disinformation.”

Although McCaul was not one of the congresspeople to participate in Trump’s seditious conspiracy, he did make headlines when he called the insurrection “legitimate political discourse.

While McCaul is someone that mostly flies under the radar, he sponsored multiple bipartisan bills during the 117th Congress, which passed the House.

That’s an impressive feat, considering Democrats were in control during the 117th. Those bills included an act for the President to report on Russian war crimes, the Stop Iranian Drones Act, promoting international leadership with 5G, the Cyber Diplomacy Act, and a Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership. None of those bills made it to the Senate floor.

One bill McCaul sponsored, the Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act, passed both chambers and was signed into law by President Biden.

TX11 – August Pfluger (R).

August Pfluger was sworn into office for the first time on January 3, 2021. Then, on January 6, he voted to overturn the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, his district is gerrymandered so redly that even if he did have a Democratic opponent, he still would have won in a landslide. But, in 2022, he ran unopposed.

There are two things that Congressman Pfluger cares about. Those two things are immigration and oil. More specifically, Pfluger wants to stop immigration into America and wants to make sure Texas oilmen continue to get rich off of killing the earth.

Some of the bills he introduced include reimbursing Abbott’s political stunt, Operation Lone Star, protecting the Permian Basin, the Energy Freedom Act, and Midland over Moscow.

Aside from that, Pfluger spends his time on social media complaining about the border and spreading anti-immigration propaganda. There isn’t one good thing Pfluger has done for his constituents, but he likes to position himself at the front lines of the GOP’s imaginary culture war.

TX12 – Kay Granger (R).

Eighty-year-old Kay Granger was elected to Congress in 1996. Since then, she’s accrued a mass amount of wealth and escaped indictment of at least one criminal investigation.

In 2022, Kar Granger didn’t introduce or sponsor one bill. Not even one. So, what did she do this year?

She voted against supporting NATO and wrote a strongly worded letter to the Navy about their use of the USS Fort Worth. Aside from that, it’s unclear how much she showed up to work in 2022.

During the first half of 2022, she participated in committees and was seen on the House floor, but since the summer has been mostly absent.

As Republicans are gearing up to take the House next week, it’s unclear what role Granger will play on committees or within the Republican caucus.

TX13 – Ronny Jackson (R).

Leading up to the 2020 election, Ronny Jackson vigorously advocated overthrowing the American government. Jackson was on the frontline of Trump’s seditious conspiracy, and even though the January 6th Committee implicated Jackson in criminal acts, he has yet to be held accountable.

It’s baffling to most of us how Congressman Jackson can break his oath of office, be openly involved in a criminal conspiracy, and walk free of indictments from the Department of Justice.

Unfortunately, like most Republicans in Texas, Jackson was gerrymandered into his position and easily won re-election in 2022.

Over the last year, Jackson tried to incite violence against Beto O’Rourke, ignored a congressional subpoena, became the subject of an ethics investigation, and made headlines after he spoke about eating a dog’s penis.

Yet, Republicans re-elected him.

TX14 – Randy Weber (R).

Congressman Randy Weber participated in Trump’s criminal seditious plot. Yet, Republicans redrew the district maps to ensure Weber would stay in place while hundreds of thousands of people of color lost representation.

Two great Democrats ran against Weber in 2022, and neither won, but some interesting news came out regarding another opponent Weber had. Another Republican, by the name of Keith Casey, who has lost multiple primary elections to Weber, was arrested a few weeks ago for allegedly threatening to kill Weber.

I hear that Weber is not well-liked by either side of the aisle in that part of Texas.

Initially elected in 2012, Congressman Weber has never had a bill passed.

This year, when Mar-A-Lago was raided, Weber and fellow Texan Michael Cloud rushed to Trump’s side. Otherwise, Weber spent his year acting as a culture warrior and fighting against progressive ideals.

TX15 – Vicente Gonzalez (D).

Because of redistricting, several congresspeople in South Texas played a game of musical chairs. In January, Monica De La Cruz (R) will take TX15, while Vicente Gonzalez will beat out Mayra Flores (R) for TX34. In the 118th Congress, Gonzalez will serve the 34th District.

This year Gonzalez did find himself in a bit of a scandal when he paid for advertising on a South Texas blog and said blog used racist language toward Mayra Flores.

The elected Democrats in South Texas are more conservative than other Texas Democrats and have often been caught in scandals or corruption. This year, Gonzalez was accused of violating the STOCK Act. He also made headlines this year when he sided with Republicans and voted against banning assault weapons.

TX16 – Veronica Escobar (D).

First elected in 2018, Congresswoman Escobar has been a pillar of progressive politics and is well-liked in Texas.

This year, Escobar has pushed bills relating to addressing climate change, updating the asylum process, prohibiting family separation at the border, and improving infrastructure for border communities.

When SCOTUS overturned Roe, Veronica Escobar was arrested for protesting in the street in front of the Supreme Court.

Escobar spent the year in El Paso fighting against hate, misinformation, lack of access to clean water, and reproductive rights.

Congresswoman Escobar is a progressive champion who has continuously stood up for the people.

TX17 – Pete Sessions (R).

This year, Pete Session spent most of his time reaffirming what we already knew, he’s a bigot who holds racist ideals.

Aside from participating in Trump’s seditious conspiracy and using racist tropes about white supremacy in committees, Sessions made headlines when he compared marijuana usage to slavery, refused to support veterans injured by burn pits, and violated a conflict-of-interest law regarding stock trading.

This year, Sessions was also accused of receiving donations from Russian oligarchs.

Pete Sessions won re-election because the GOP redrew the districts to keep Republicans safe, no matter how terrible their positions are.

Sessions were first elected to office in 2012. Since then, the only bills he’s passed were the renaming of a post office and the making of a commemorative coin for the Boy Scouts.

TX18 – Sheila Jackson Lee (D).

Who doesn’t love Sheila Jackson Lee? First elected in 1994, Jackson Lee has more bills that have become law than almost any other Texas Congressional member.

This year, she pushed bills that would protect reproductive access, increase the penalty for hate crimes, address human trafficking, a Safe Storage Act for guns, prohibit gerrymandering, reauthorization the Violence Against Women Act, and the Justice for Veterans Act.

Side note: going through all of the bills this year, it appears that Democrats are the only ones concerned for veterans.

The one characteristic?

The one characteristic that typically sets Democrats apart from Republicans is the ability to empathize with our fellow man. That’s why when Republicans were focused on their own stock trading and cozying up to Trump, Democrats like Congresswoman Jackson Lee were seen in their own districts, helping the people they swore to represent. That’s why this year, Jackson Lee celebrated Juneteenth in a Houston church, opened a dialogue with her constituents about reparations, and was seen fighting for an elderly disabled woman evicted from her apartment in the midst of a heat wave.

In May, Yale University honored Sheila Jackson Lee with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

TX19 – Jodey Arrington (R).

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I got on Congressman Arrington’s email list. Arrington holds frequent virtual town halls with his constituents, which I’ve been invited to via email.

These town halls are absurd because Arrington spends the entire time talking about how he will fight against the leftist agenda in DC but never once mentions what he will do to improve the lives of his constituents.

Arrington is one more of the seditious sixteen that attempted to overturn democracy, yet he’s still in office, and he ran unopposed.

This year, Arrington pushed bills to repeal the Clean Air Act, increase oil drilling in Texas, and ban the US from supporting the World Health Organization.

Congressman Arrington has been working behind the scenes to push a federal ban on abortions.

TX20 – Joaquin Castro (D).

Joaquin Castro and his brother Julian are some of the most popular Democrats in Texas. Activists and political insiders have been pushing for Castro to run for a statewide seat for several years. The rumor is that he’s considered it twice, and both times was talked out of it by the National Party. (Just one more way the National Democratic Party works against Texas Democrats.)

This year, Congressman Castro introduced a bill to crack down on illegal guns going from America to Mexico.

Although the bill didn’t go anywhere, the significance is huge. The Iron Pipeline, which is the flow of guns south of the border, is estimated to see roughly 2,000 guns per day. These guns wind up in the hands of the cartel and are the reason why our southern neighbors live in such dangerous conditions and why millions of people are fleeing their homes to come to America for a better life.

Stopping gun trafficking into Mexico would greatly reduce the number of migrants coming here yearly to seek asylum. If you want to solve the so-called border crisis, solve it at its roots. Congressman Castro gets that.

TX21 – Chip Roy (R).

Chip Roy accomplished something this year that he’s never done before. He went the entire year without crying on the House floor or in committee once. Congressman Roy has been known to shed a few tears, especially when defending capitalism or racism.

In March, Roy voted against the anti-lynching bill and called vaccines a crime against humanity.

In June, he equated gun control to the Holocaust.

Chip Roy is performative and regularly peddles to the far-right base, but he’s mostly been ineffective in Congress. During his four years in office, not only have none of his bills passed, but a committee has ever taken up none.

TX22 – Troy Nehls (R).

The most disappointing thing regarding the January 6th investigation was how many loose ends we’re still left with regarding the Congresspeople who participated in the seditious coup.

Nehls was sworn into office on January 3, 2021, and then on January 6, voted to overturn democracy.

In February this year, Nehls claimed that Capitol Police were illegally investigating him. Capitol Police said that wasn’t true and they had checked his office because the door was left open.

Nehls was said to have been one of the Congressmen who protected the House floor, but he later defended Trump for his role in the insurrection.

Nehls is a culture warrior who spent his year fighting with Pete Buttigieg, pushing to rescind Disney’s no-fly zone because they said “gay,” and calling for Biden’s impeachment.

TX23 – Tony Gonzales (R).

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably are aware of the fact that I get blocked by a lot of Republicans. Most of the time, I deserve it. This year, Congressman Gonzales blocked me on Twitter because I mentioned how it appeared that he didn’t give two shits about the murdered children in Uvalde. (I may not have worded it so nicely.)

Tony Gonzales was the Congressman who had Uvalde in their district when the massacre happened. His response has been as abhorrent as Abbott’s or Cruz’s response. He has repeatedly slapped the families of the dead children in the face.

While he did side with Democrats on some gun safety legislation, the bill was weak and didn’t do enough to fix the system.

Although Gonzales did side with the left on one bill, he spent most of the rest of the year bashing and voting against gun safety measures. While we’ve seen State Senator Roland Gutierrez all year long, fighting and standing with Uvalde families, Congressman Gonzales has been absent.

TX24 – Beth Van Duyne (R).

In 2020 I labeled Beth Van Duyne the most racist congressperson from Texas. This year, I stand by that original claim because, unlike her racist counterparts, Van Duyne is the only one who has caused direct violence against a marginalized community in their own district.

Keller has been in the news recently, from inviting a rapist to give a school board prayer to allowing teachers to carry firearms on campus and banning LGBTQ-inclusive books.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Keller gave a key to the city to Van Duyne as part of their efforts to rebrand Keller as a family-friendly city.

At the end of 2021, Congresswoman Van Duyne sat on a committee hearing about civility and collaboration in congress. She talked a lot about bipartisanship and working together for the sake of the American people. Yet, she spent the entirety of 2022 on social media fanning the flames of hate and portraying herself as a culture warrior.

Van Duyne has used her position to frequently spread misinformation and propaganda.

Beth Van Duyne has become a near-permanent fixture on Fox News, appearing on one TV show or another almost every other night. She’s often telling lies about asylum seekers or criticizing Joe Biden on issues the right completely made up.

The GOP redrew Van Duyne’s district to keep her in place, but let’s hope the demographics will shift enough to vote her out in 2024. It’s bad enough she’s been in office this long, especially considering her role in the January 6th seditious conspiracy.

TX25 – Roger Williams (R).

Is Roger Williams one of the Republicans who voted to overturn democracy?

Yes, he is.

First elected ten years ago, the only one of Congressman Williams’ bills to pass was renaming a post office.

In October, Williams told the Parker County GOP that he shared their views. This was interesting because, in 2021, the Parker County Republican Party voted in favor of racist resolutions and to leave America if the opportunity should come up.

Besides that, Williams spent his year much the same as other Texas Republicans, attacking Biden on immigration.

TX26 – Michael Burgess (R).

Dr. Burgess was first elected in 2002 and has been responsible for passing several new laws throughout the years. Burgess has often tried to appear nice and sensible in committee hearings and political speeches. But, unfortunately, much of his record tells us otherwise.

Burgess did vote to overthrow the government on January 6, and in 2021, he was videoed at a secessionist meeting with 3%ers.

In 2022, he violated the STOCK Act.

A few years ago, we met a young man named Dominique Beacher. He wasn’t old enough to run for Congress at the time, but he had a goal of running against Burgess when he was old enough in 2026. While it’s still some time from now, hopefully, Beacher will continue working toward his dream.

TX27 – Michael Cloud (R).

Congressman Michael Cloud is #14 of the seditious sixteen.

What kind of Republican is Michael Cloud? In August, Lauren Boebert stumped for him. That should tell you all you want to know. He was also a guest speaker at Trump’s rally in Texas in October.

Congressman Cloud has already served two congress sessions, and none of his bills have yet to pass.

Michael Cloud is so far to the right that he objected to electing Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker because “McCarthy was a RINO.”

Aside from holding extremist views, Congressman Cloud hasn’t held much influence among his peers or within the Republican Party. He’s only in DC because racial gerrymandering is legal in America.

TX28 – Henry Cuellar (D).

The primary election in TX28 was a complete shit show for about a million reasons. Henry Cuellar faced two other Democrats, Tannya Benavides and Jessica Cisneros.

Over the last year, I interviewed 70% of the new candidates running for congress or the state legislature. I had reached out to both Cisneros and Benavides campaigns for interviews. Benavides was amazing, Adrienne and I interviewed her multiple times, but the Cisneros campaign snubbed us.

This is not a big deal since we don’t have a huge following in South Texas. I just figured she was unfamiliar with us. We really liked Tannya Benavides and her positions, which is why we ultimately endorsed her.

Unfortunately, Benavides did not get many votes at all, but she got enough to send Cuellar and Cisneros to a runoff.

The Justice Democrats, who I’ve always really liked and respected, went ballistic on Benevides after the primary was over. On all of her social media platforms, Justice Democrats from California and other states were attacking Benavides for being a progressive and having nearly identical positions as Cisneros but not dropping out of the race to allow Cisneros to win. Tannya Benavides didn’t deserve those attacks.

Cuellar went on to win the runoff against Cisneros.

It ultimately sucks because Cuellar is one of the last living Conservative Democrats in congress and sides more with Republicans than he does his own party. Like Lizzie Fletcher, Cuellar is very much in the pockets of big oil and is not fighting for cleaner energy.

In 2022, Congressman Cuellar became the subject of an FBI investigation and voted against protecting women’s rights to reproductive freedom.

Progressive values will be winning values in South Texas. Hopefully, the right candidate will challenge Cuellar in 2024 and primary him into retirement.

TX29 – Sylvia Garcia (D).

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia is another Texas treasure. Whether fighting for worker’s rights or making it easier for veterans to get cancer treatment, Garcia has a record of standing up for and standing with Texans.

Sylvia Garcia is in the Progressive Caucus, the Equality Caucus, the Taskforce for Poverty and Opportunity, and the Gun Prevention Taskforce.

While she hasn’t had many bills passed yet, she introduced them in the 117th congressional session just by looking at the legislation. You can tell she is a champion of progressive values.

TX30 – Eddie Bernice Johnson (D).

Eddie Bernice Johnson is a giant. She started in the Texas House in 1973, was elected to the State Senate in 1987, and became a Congresswoman in 1993. After sixty years of public service, Eddie Bernice Johnson is retiring this week.

We couldn’t be more pleased to see the amazing Jasmine Crockett taking over this seat on January 3.

TX31 – John Carter (R).

John Carter hates America, so he participated in Trump’s seditious conspiracy and attempted to overthrow the government on January 6. Like most GOP traitors, Carter has been re-elected to office thanks to the GOP’s crafty redistricting measures.

Luckily for the rest of us, Congressman Carter is rarely seen doing his job in DC. When a bill came up to end voting by proxy, Carter voted against it…by proxy.

Born in 1941, Carter is perhaps the oldest of all Texas’ congressional delegations.

Aside from appearing at an occasional news conference about immigration, John Carter has been almost invisible in 2022.

TX32 – Colin Allred (D).

This year, Congressman Colin Allred led the charge to get Russia-imprisoned Brittney Griner returned to her home in Texas.

As mentioned under Jake Ellzey, Colin Allred also secured a $442 million upgrade to Dallas and El Paso veterans facilities.

Whether it’s expanding tax credits for students, protecting our elections from the seditious GOP, or aiming at corporate corruption, Congressman Allred has stood up for Texans with legislation and in his everyday activities.

Last month, Allred said he was considering a senate run against Ted Cruz in 2024. We think he has just as good a chance as anyone, and he should go for it.

TX33 – Marc Veasey (D).

This year, Marc Veasey wrote a nomination letter for Opal Lee to receive a Noble Peace Prize.

Congressman Veasey has stood up against the NRA, called for investigations of Fort Worth prisons, and championed voting rights. His actions in congress are what we expect all of our congresspeople to take.

Unfortunately, in our hyper-partisan era, we are so used to watching the GOP work against the people that it becomes a breath of fresh air when a congressperson actually works to represent the people.

TX34 – Mayra Flores (R).

The Mayra Flores situation will be funny from now until the end of time.

Mayra Flores is a Latina Conservative from South Texas and was likely the biggest contributor to the lie that Conservatives are winning the Hispanic vote in Texas.

When Filemon Vila resigned in June, Abbott called a special election for TX34, even though, because of redistricting, that seat was expected to go to Vicente Gonzalez in November.

Texans, we suck at showing up for special elections, especially Democrats.

The turnout for this election was 6.9%. Embarrassing. Flores got 50.91% of the total vote, but she lost the Hispanic votes. The Hispanic vote overwhelmingly went for the Democrats in this race. Yet, after Flores won, Republicans from El Paso to Brownsville shouted about how Conservatives were winning the Hispanic vote. When, in fact, Mayra Flores won the white vote of that district and lost the Hispanic one.

Then, in November, Flores faced Vicente Gonzalez and lost by a landslide. She was only in congress for less than six months. Hopefully, she’ll never return.

TX35 – Lloyd Doggett (D).

Over the years, Lloyd Doggett has represented TX10, TX25, TX35, and TX35, and in the 118th Congressional Session, he will represent the newly drawn TX38. And it’s not like he moves around. He’s served so many districts because of redistricting in the state legislature.

Doggett has been in congress for almost 28 years and has always been a man of the people.

Congressman Doggett has spent his time in DC fighting for workers’ rights, access to healthcare, and equality for all.

When Lloyd Doggett heads up TX38 next year, progressive Greg Casar will take his place in TX35.

TX36 – Brian Babin (R).

Before George Santos, there was Brian Babin, the biggest liar in congress. Besides being another complicit Republican in Trump’s seditious conspiracy, Babin spends most of his time on Fox News and social media telling lies, spreading propaganda, and expressing hatred.

Living Blue in Texas has written about Babin multiple times and how he uses his position and platform to spread propaganda and racism.

Why does he do it?

Who knows, but one thing you can be certain of is that you will never get the truth about anything from Brian Babin.

This year he was implicated as having insider knowledge of Trump’s coup attempt.

What can we expect from Texas’ Congressional members in 2023?

Republicans aim to take back control of the House next week, but the entire Republican Party is in shambles, and they constantly have fights about ideology and Donald Trump.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to how new House Leader Hakeen Jeffries completely dismantles the GOP and pokes fun at how much in shambles they are.

We shouldn’t expect to see too much come out of the 118th Congress. Aside from the GOP being in disarray, Democrats still have the majority in the Senate, which will block any of the GOP’s terrible bills.

Next year, I’m most excited to see how newcomers Jasmine Crockett and Greg Casar handle their first term in office and I’m looking forward to the hours of entertainment our Republican elected officials will surely give us.

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