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House Rep Deep Dive: Who is Nate Schatzline?

What can we expect to see from religious zealot, Nate Schatzline, in Austin?

Nate Schatzline is the new House Representative in District 93, taking the place of book-burner Matt Krause. HD93 is the last bastion of a true red in Tarrant County. The rest of the country has been gerrymandered into oblivion. 

Schatzline hadn’t been on my radar until I watched the Keller ISD Board meeting, and Schatzline suddenly appeared. He praised the Board for banning LGBTQ-inclusive books. 

A few days later, Schatzline was bragging about his appearance on Twitter, and I mentioned how ridiculously tight his skinny jeans were. Now, you have to understand, Schatzline, at the very least, is extremely metrosexual. But, aside from the tight pants and manscaping, he carries himself femininely. The way he talks and his mannerisms are feminine. 

Nate Schatzline at Keller ISD

So, he was bragging about his appearance in Frisco, where bigots banned LGBTQ-inclusive books (and now the ACLU is suing). And I made fun of his tight jeans. He took it wrong and thought I was paying him a compliment. So I ensured he knew I wasn’t and mentioned how he made my gaydar go off.

It hurt his feelings, and he blocked me on Twitter.

Technically, he still wasn’t on my radar at that point. But, then yesterday morning, the following meme was circulating on alt-right social media:

It’s stupid because the “No Dem Chairs” movement was started by Bryan Slaton, who, if you remember, spent the entirety of the last legislative session obsessing over children’s genitals. It was sick and disturbing, yet the Republicans in his district re-elected him.

In a recent interview, Slaton said he started this movement because all the Democrats called him racist.

(Slaton is racist and will be the next House Rep we do a deep dive on.)

Knowing how racist and deeply disturbed Slaton is, it’s flabbergasting that any Republicans would take his side on anything, let alone 17 other GOP House Reps. Most of them are newly elected, including Nate Schatzline.

I decided to dive deeply into Schatzline background and discover who he is.

Holy shit! I wasn’t anywhere near prepared, and I’m about to take you on a wild ride.

The best place to always start is the beginning. Nate’s parents are Patrick and Karen Schatzline. Like all fascists who now call Texas home, both are from outside of Texas. (Nate, too. He was born in Alabama.)

Pat and Karen live in a 12,000 square foot, 5 million dollar mansion nestled in six acres behind a giant gate in Argyle, Texas.

During the first 20 years of their marriage, they were completely off the map. However, their grift, popularity, and wealth have exploded over the last decade. They have a business called Remnant Ministries International, where they claim to be evangelists, authors, and coaches.

However, a quick cruise through their social media accounts shows they are deeply involved in a weight-loss pyramid scheme.

Whether they made all their money traveling the country telling Evangelicals to hate gays and Black people or they made the bulk of their money scamming low-income people into a multi-level marketing scheme is unknown.

Patrick Schatzline

What is known is they are in the top 1% of America.

Of course, being more wealthy than 99% of Americans doesn’t make you inherently evil…

But on Patrick Schatzline’s social media, he’s retweeted Michal Quinn Sullivan’s promotion of school segregation, shared violent fascist attacks on the LGBTQ community, and posted comments about the “Big Lie.

While 1.5 million Texas children go to bed hungry each night, the Schatzline’s overly capitalistic and fascists ideology tells us that not only is it likely that they have never done one thing for any marginalized community in America, but they also brag about being in the 1% because of God’s love.

I digress.

Nate Schatzline was a youth pastor by the time he was 20 years old. The path of getting rich from God is something he learned at home from his parents, Patrick and Karen Schatzline. Patrick’s Parents and Nate’s grandparents, Patrick and Deb, were also evangelical ministers. And Nate’s great-grandfather, Thomas Schatzline, was also an evangelical pastor.

Karen Schatzline

So, Nathan Schatzline is a FOURTH generation white evangelical pastor. (Move over Gemstones.)

The Schatzline family has been cumulating mass amounts of wealth for almost 100 years by exploiting the religiously vulnerable.

That explains this super cringy video that looks like it was made to be an SNL parody, but it’s not a parody. ➡️➡️➡️

Most of the things we can expect from Representative Schatzline over the next two years can undoubtedly be attributed to his background.

Nate is serious.

The next video you’ll see is Nate in his car telling his phone that “gender fluidity” is the greatest threat to women’s empowerment today.

In fact, there are dozens of videos on Nate online, and he is mad about gay people…Like REALLY mad.


He’s also mad that white children have to learn about Black history, but he is most mad that the LGBTQ community is allowed to exist.

Is Schatzline another closeted Republican and self-hating gay, determined to hurt others, living their authentic lives because he can’t?

Nathan Schatzline at Fort Worth ISD School Board meeting

Only Nate can tell us that.

One thing you’ll find interesting when you think about why a person would act out as Schatzline does is his relationship with his father.

Patrick Schatzline has hundreds of videos posted on his personal Facebook. Videos of him televangelizing, being interviewed, interviewing other people, and many videos of himself praying, exercising, and other activities.

When he talks to people, he usually talks about himself for up to five minutes before giving them a chance to speak, and he seems to be a camera hog. Even with his own wife. The way that he centers himself is through narcissistic behavior and language. So, if his son was gay, knowing the father’s far-right extremist ideology and narcissistic proclivity, it would be understandable why the son was in the closet.

Luckily for the rest of us, Patrick and Karen Schatzline’s only involvement in Texas politics appears to be the $82,000 donation they gave their son’s campaign.

Texas has enough oligarchs, buying off polititians with heaps of cash.

Nate Schatzline, Christian Rapper
Nate Schatzline, early-20s, Youth Pastor
Church illegally endorses Nate Schatzline

Why has he gone to Austin?

He says he wants to outlaw the sexualization of children.

Nate is just making it up as he goes along.

Nate Schatzline, Dancing Extraordinaire

Nate Schatzline is another religious zealot placed in office by rich assholes who want the GOP to pass morality laws based on their version of religion.

During his time in office, we should expect to see the worst from him.

The 88th Legislative Session is only weeks away.

You can count on Living Blue to keep you in the know on all of the GOP’s weird, creepy, and disturbing behavior. Stay tuned.

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