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What Will Your Future Look Like If The GOP Win In Texas?

After everything the GOP has done in recent years, their future plans will surprise no one.

None of what you’re about to read is hyperbole. These things will happen if the GOP wins the midterms in Texas. While I don’t mean to scare you, you should be scared.

At the end of this article, I’ll also provide ways you can stop our descent into madness.

The Texas Republican platform.

The GOP’s platform is a political guide to lawmakers and legislators on which bills to introduce, how to vote, and what ideas to push. Over the summer, the platform was widely discussed here in Texas and on national news. But, the nature of the 24-hour news cycle eventually pushed those stories to the backs of our minds. It’s important that all Texans know what will happen if Republicans win again on November 8.

Of all your jobs in your life, YOU KNOW that there are employers who would pay $2 an hour if they could.

Anyone who says that things like this can’t happen probably said the same about Roe v. Wade. But it did happen, and it can happen.

  • The end of all business and professional licensing. The electrician or plumber working on your house won’t have to have a license to prove he’s trained and certified. Elevator technicians, tow truck operators, and industrial builders will all lose the requirements of proving their ability to do that type of work. It goes with the GOP’s ideas of limited government but against having a safe and functioning society.
  • Repeal mandatory sick time and family leave. Some of us have worked jobs where we couldn’t afford to miss a day without the risk of unemployment. The GOP wants to make that the standard. Are you sick? You can be fired. Pregnant? You can be fired. A spouse in hospice? You can be fired.

Again, none of this is hyperbole. It’s all in the Texas Republican Party platform.

What if you work for a company that believes in equal rights or fair treatment?

But what about the first amendment? Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton both built their careers attacking constitutional rights. Texas Republicans are seeking to ban all “woke” businesses in Texas from operating here. All of the details are on page eight of their platform.

Forget the environment and pollution. If Texas Republicans get their way, the climate crisis will worsen, cancer clusters will increase, and Texans will lose even more access to clean water.

  • The Texas GOP favors less regulation of the grid. Reliability and skyrocketing costs aren’t as important to them as embracing the idea of free-market capitalism.
  • They want to declassify carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
  • They Want to increase the usage of fossil fuels. The Texas GOP’s platform explicitly states they are against environmentalism, as it interferes with private businesses. They would also like to ban all forms of renewable energy in Texas.
  • Goodbye, endangered species. Republicans want to see a full repeal of the Endangered Species Act and believe people have the right to kill any animal on their property.
  • The GOP plans to repeal the Environmental Protection Act when they take control in DC.

What the Texas GOP wants to do to education is worse.

Republicans will talk a lot about school choice, but those are marketing words for “segregation.”

This money funds teachers, books, and all the other things involved with the student going to public school. Vouchers would allow parents to take a portion of that money and use it towards placing a child in a private school, which can cost upwards of $40,000. It will then be up to the parent to cover the remaining cost. The students in low-income areas will still have to go to public schools because their parents can’t afford the excess costs. However, those schools will lose tens of thousands of dollars in funding, which will be sent to the private schools with the students. Millions of Texas children will suffer for it.

If you’re wondering, we’re still talking about what the Texas GOP has in their party platform.

The Texas GOP wants to turn colleges and universities into white supremacist safe-havens.

  • Meritocracy and Western Civilization are the only lessons about identity higher learners should hear. Multicultural diversity and political correctness should be banned from all college campuses.
  • Public funding should not be used for equity-inclusion centers or courses.

Besides wanting an uneducated and poor population, Texas Republicans would also like the people of Texas to be in bad health.

According to the Texas GOP platform, homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle.

  • When SCOTUS makes gay marriage a state’s right issue, it will again be banned in Texas. They will also reimplement sodomy laws making it illegal to be LGBTQ in the state of Texas.
  • Birth control will be banned under the Texas GOP’s right of conscience laws they are proposing. So will access to cancer screenings for low-income women.

All of this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The entire Texas Republican platform is online for you to read, and I strongly urge that you do. They have told us who they are again and again. It will get worse in Texas, much worse if Republicans win again.

Early voting will continue for 10 more days, and the election will be held 14 days from now. If you haven’t voted already, make a plan.

If you haven’t started relationship organizing, DO IT NOW. We need everyone to chip in. Remember, Roe v. Wade was just the beginning. They are coming after all of your rights.

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