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Is Mike Schofield Scared To Debate His Opponent, Coach Cam?

In 2020, Representative Mike Schofield only won the election for HD132 by 0.1 points. Republicans hoped to hold on to this seat by redrawing this district to be more white. However, with the 5-10 point boost all down-ballot candidates will be getting because of the Roe vote and the Beto effect, this seat will likely flip to Democrats in November.

During this last legislative session, knowing that he was in such a competitive district, Mike Schofield had a choice to vote more moderate, knowing how deeply split his district was. Instead, Schofield chose to align with the alt-right and extremism. He voted against women’s rights, voting rights, local control, and public education. Schofield’s votes were extreme enough to drive the independents in HD132 right into the hands of Democrats.

Knowing this, debating his opponent, Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell, would be the perfect way for him and Coach Cam to speak directly to the voters in HD132 and help them decide who is the better candidate.

But where is Mike Schofield? And why hasn’t there been a debate yet?

That’s what Coach Cam wanted to know and why he showed up at Schofield’s office on October 19. The interaction between the two candidates was caught on video.

Coach Cam entered Schofield’s office and asked for a debate. Schofield responded, “I’ve been to the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve been to (inaudible) Ministry, and I haven’t seen you anywhere.”

There are 142,000 eligible voters in HD132. How many of them will be at the Chamber of Commerce or Church? It sounds like Schofield hasn’t seen Coach Cam because Schofield is only pandering to corporations and Evangelicals. (Which is why he will lose the independent vote in this district.)

Where has Coach Cam been?

During the primaries, I asked that same question as I monitored social media for events or engagements. I later learned more about Coach Cam and his deep involvement in his local community.

Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell is running a very grassroots campaign. He is well-known and well-liked in his community for his work with the Houston Texans as a play-safe coach. He’s active in the Black Chamber of Commerce and is a former high school football coach.

It sounds like if Representative Schofield had attended the Black Chamber of Commerce, as well as the standard one, he probably would have run into Coach Cam there.

Schofield told Coach Cam he isn’t wasting his time with a debate because he has to talk to “his voters.”

By “his voters,” he meant the business community and Evangelicals. So, wouldn’t a debate also be a way of talking to “his voters” and constituents about the upcoming election?

Perhaps Schofield believes himself to be safe because the Texas GOP increased the white vote in this district by 2%, and since he’s the incumbent, perhaps he thinks that’ll be enough for him to hold on to his seat. It isn’t. A five-point swing in this coming election for Democrats kills the GOP’s redistricting efforts in HD132 (and many other districts).

Maybe Schofield realizes that the positions he took during the 87th legislature were so extreme that being faced to answer them on stage would blow up in his face. But, of course, that would all depend on how well Coach Cam handles himself. There isn’t a guaranteed winner or loser of any debate. Some of us will always have partisan favoritism, but sometimes “our guy” bombs. Like Obama did in the first 2012 Presidential Debate against Mitt Romney. It happens, but the entire point is to show voters who is the better candidate and why we should vote for them on election day.

If you’re a voter in HD132, you should call Mike Schofield’s office and ask him to accept.

His district phone number is (281)492-0684.

The first day of early voting is October 24, 4 days from now.

And in 19 days, on November 8, we turn Texas blue.

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