The Easiest Thing EVERYONE Can Do To Help Flip Texas Blue

The Easiest Thing EVERYONE Can Do To Help Flip Texas Blue

It’s simple, quick, and will have a HUGE impact in November.

You NEED to join the 2 Million Texans Project right now. Use the Reach app to see which of your friends and family haven’t voted yet. Then you turn them out to vote. It’s as simple as that.

There isn’t any knocking on doors or talking to strangers. It’s relationship organizing within your own circle.

Download THIS Reach app to find the voters you personally know. Or you can text the word “reach” to 333-39 to be sent a download link.

The app will tell you who in your contacts hasn’t voted yet. Then message them reminding them it’s time to vote. That’s all.

It’s okay if you only have a few people to reach out to on your phone. When large numbers of people do this basic thing, the impact on elections is tremendous.

After you download the app, join “2 Million Texans.” You can read detailed instructions on how to use the app HERE, or if you prefer, you can watch the instructional video HERE. Texas Blue Action is doing nightly virtual training if you still need more help using the app. You can sign up for that HERE.

Within the Reach app, you can also search for your social media friends who aren’t in your phone contacts. When you identify them, add them to “My Reach” from your contacts list. The app will tell you who is registered and hasn’t voted yet.

Then, invite more people to download the app and do the same thing.

If every person already working or volunteering for a Democratic campaign in Texas found just 6 people in their phone who didn’t vote that they could turn out, that would be over 1.2 million new Democratic votes.

We can turn Texas blue.

In 2018, the statewide margin for Texas was 2.6%. In the 2020 election, 6 million Texans registered to vote but stayed home. An additional 24,000 votes (0.14% of the electorate) in 9 seats across the state could have flipped control of the entire Texas legislature to Democrats. This would have prevented the worst attacks on women, children, the LGBT community, the environment, our power grid, and so much more. The most effective way to turn Texas blue is by increasing voter turnout, and the most impactful way to increase turnout is through relational organizing.

The first day of early voting is October 24, 6 days from now.

And in 21 days, on November 8, we turn Texas blue.

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