Arlington Public Library Under Attack From Theocratic Fascists

Arlington Public Library Under Attack From Theocratic Fascists

Call to action: Need speakers for public participation at Library Advisory Board Meeting on October 6, 5:30 pm.

If you’re interested in our public library system retaining its ability to strive for inclusivity for all Arlington citizens, the Arlington Public Library needs your help. Please show up on October 6, 5:30 pm to the City Council Chamber in City Hall at 101 West Abrams Street.

Over the last few months, several individuals and groups, including a coalition of Evangelical pastors, have been attacking Arlington Library’s system of inclusive representation for all citizens to feel safe and learn more about the world or themselves.

The October 6 Arlington Library Board Meeting is being targeted to pressure the board to prevent displays promoting equity for LGBTQ individuals and to remove inclusive children’s books (for example, a book with two mommies).

Until this summer, these hate groups targeted city council and school board meetings. However, the book-burning groups around Texas have begun using other tactics like targeting the Library Board directly.

Here is how the dynamics work: The Library Board hears from citizens, then makes policy recommendations to the city council for approval. Unfortunately, in Arlington, the thorn in this process is the city manager, Trey Yelverton.

A few months ago, the coalition of pastors had a closed-door meeting with Mayor Jim Ross and Trey Yelverton regarding banning LGBTQ displays and books in the Arlington Public Library.

Our sources have told us that Yelverton has already written a policy to ban LGBTQ displays and remove books from the children’s sections. Those policies will be presented at the October 6 meeting, when the pastor coalition (and presumably some of their flock) are expected to pressure the Library Board to go along with the policy and recommend it to the full city council meeting.

We reached out to Yelverton for comment and have yet to hear back.

The mission of public libraries emphasizes inclusivity for diverse populations.

That includes the five-year-old with two mommies, the fifteen-year-old trying to learn about themselves, or the 50-year-old who likes to know they’re welcome in the library.

The theocratic fascists have attended a few city council meetings, using tactics like misrepresenting data, science, and scripture to pressure city leaders to concede to avoid more public comment or media. This is why it’s so important that the community makes their voices heard.

On October 6, the Library Board needs articulate and logical concerned citizens to speak on behalf of LGBTQ inclusivity.

This is part of a nationwide movement to ban books in schools and libraries regarding the LGBTQ community.

First, they came for the LGBTQ displays and children’s books…

Then, they could no longer display Mexican heritage or carry books about Frederick Douglas. This is all where it starts. Don’t let this happen here. Please show up tomorrow and make your voice heard.

A second call to action.

Contact Arlington City Manager Trey Yelverton and urge him to attend tomorrow night’s meeting, so he can hear firsthand the people of Arlington support the LGBTQ community. You can call him at 817-459-6100 or email him at

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