61 Ways Lois Kolkhorst Has Harmed The People Of Texas

61 Ways Lois Kolkhorst Has Harmed The People Of Texas

Super-villain, millionaire State Senator Lois Kolkhorst has spent two decades working to hurt the people of Texas. In 2022, it’s time to send her packing.

No one ever had anything wrong to say about Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst. She’s a pillar in the community and a champion of the people. That’s the appearance she’s trying to keep up, anyway. But Lois Kolkhorst has spent the last two decades in office only working for the elite, white christofascists, while millions in Texas have suffered under laws she created.

No one ever had anything bad to say about Lois Kolkhorst until they looked at her voting record.

In November, the people in Senate District 18 will have to choose. Either they support the LGBTQ community, or they support bigotry.

Lois Kolkhorst was elected to the Texas State House in 2000, where she mostly flew under the radar and didn’t stand out as a bigot against the LGBTQ community after she won a special election in 2014 for the State Senate.

One. In 2015, she co-sponsored the hate bill allowing religious organizations to turn away gay couples for marriage.

Two. In 2017, she sponsored the controversial bathroom bill.

Luckily, the bill never passed but received national media attention at the time for being seeped in bigotry and hate. Because of this disgusting bill, Kolkhorst was titled the Worst Legislator that year by the Houston Chron. After that, she tried to paint herself as a victim instead of a bigot.

Three. Lois Kolkhorst voted for a bill allowing lawyers to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

Her anti-LGBTQ position continued to escalate during this last legislative session.

Four. Kolkhorst sponsored the bill that would allow transgender youth to play sports.

FiveShe voted to deny transgender youth gender-affirming care, despite what all medical doctors, scientists, and families have said. Instead, she voted for a bill that will ultimately hurt LGBTQ youth in Texas.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst’s position on civil rights for the LGBTQ community is abhorrent, and her position on civil rights for the BIPOC community is just as bad.

Six. In 2007, Kolkhorst was a co-sponsor of Texas’ Stand Your Ground Law. This law is a legal excuse for racially motivated murder. Although the stand-your-ground law produced higher homicide rates in Texas, a study from Texas A&M also indicated a substantial racial disparity in the practical application of the law.

Another study from the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center found cases where blacks and Latinos were killed to be 354% more likely to be justified by stand-your-ground laws than white-on-white killings. The clear racial disparity has allowed the extrajudicial killing of several unarmed minorities throughout Texas for nearly two decades. All thanks to Lois Kolkhorst.

Show me your papers!

Seven. In 2007 Senator Kolkhorst voted for a bill that allows police officers to demand to see anyone’s ID by detaining them. This law targeted the Hispanic community, so that police could demand to know the ID of any brown person they detained.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst with Congressional idiot, Lauren Boebert.

Eight. Before the destructive Shelby vs. Holder decision in the Supreme Court, Kolkhorst long favored voter suppression bills that diminished the political power of Black and Latino voters in Texas. In 2007, she voted in favor of a racist voter ID bill. The ID law says Texans can get a state-issued photo ID from police, but only in specific locations. “Those who lack the approved forms of identification may obtain an “election identification certificate” from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), but more than 400,000 eligible voters face round-trip travel times of three hours or more.”

Nine. Lois Kolkhorst again voted for a racist voter ID law. This was so bad that Federal Courts later struck it down for violating the 1965 Voting Rights Act. It has been estimated that anywhere between 600,000 and 900,000 Texas voters were disenfranchised as a direct result of that bill, most of whom were Black or Hispanic.

Senator Kolkhorst and her Republican colleagues have bent over backward in attempts to stop people of color from voting in Texas.

Ten. In 2011, Kolkhorst voted for racial gerrymandering. Minority groups have outnumbered whites in Texas since roughly 2004. Yet, two-thirds of the Texas Legislature is Caucasian, despite only making up 39% of the state.

This particular redistricting incident led to Shannon Perez vs. the State of Texas, a court case where Greg Abbott openly acknowledged Republicans’ efforts to disenfranchise Black people in Texas.

Eleven. Senator Kolkhorst voted to increase the school-to-prison pipeline in 2013. Even though this had been a long-studied and controversial issue that disproportionately and negatively affected Black and brown children, in 2013, the GOP voted to put more police in schools, and Kolkhorst was in favor of it.

Senator Kolkhorst at a fancy cocktail party in cowboy boots.

Twelve. Kolkhorst was one of the eight Republicans who voted against grants for police departments to obtain body-worn cameras in 2015. Despite body cams reducing the use of force incidents by 10%, it just wasn’t something the Senator could get behind.

Senator Kolkhorst’s racist positions continued to escalate after being elected to the Senate.

Thirteen. While this bill that Kolkhorst voted on in 2017 can be seen as anti-business as it is racist, she still voted for a bill that prohibited Texas from contracting with any company that boycotted Israel. This bill was anti-Muslim, pro-colonization, and directed toward the Free Palestine Movement.

Fourteen. If Senator Kolkhorst’s love for the school-to-prison pipeline wasn’t apparent in 2013, six years later, she voted for giving those same school marshals guns.

Fifteen. During the 86th Legislature, Kolkhorst voted for another voter suppression bill, one that more than two dozen changes to election practices. The purpose was to make registering voters in Texas astronomically more difficult.

During the 87th Legislature, Texas Republicans openly embraced white supremacy, and Lois Kolkhorst was no exception.

Sixteen. Dubbed Texas’ White Guy’s History Project by Texas Monthly, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for the racist 1836 Project. The goal of this bill was to whitewash Texas’ history with racial issues and spread a new form of Lost Cause mythology, completely distorting the truth of Texas’ history. The 1836 project is racist propaganda brought to Texas by the same white people who gerrymandered themselves into office.

Seventeen. Last legislative session, Kolkhorst sponsored and voted for voter roll purges. What this does is if someone named Juan Hernandez (for example) dies, it purges everyone named Juan Hernandez from the voter rolls, assuming they are dead. The problem with that is in Texas. There are likely thousands of people named Juan Hernandez.

Texas has been flagging naturalized citizens as noncitizens and attempting to remove them from the voter rolls. In addition, they’ve been targeting the Hispanic community and removing voters with common names. The ACLU of Texas and MALDEF are suing Texas due to the Secretary of State’s office’s refusal to turn over documents related to their newest “voter purge” effort. Under the direction of Texas Secretary of State John Scott, the office flagged thousands of registered voters as potential noncitizens. It then forced county elections departments to send warning letters to every one of those people. If those contacted didn’t mail proof of citizenship within 30 days, they were automatically unregistered to vote. 

In the last legislative session in Texas, Republicans launched the biggest attack on voting rights in decades.

Eighteen. In 2020, Harris County implemented 24-hour voting. This allowed thousands of dayshift workers who could not miss a day of work to make it to the polls. It was one of the ways that Harris County increased voter turnout. This pissed off the right since Houston is a 77% minority city. In response, Senator Kolkhorst sponsored and voted for a bill prohibiting 24-hour voting.

Nineteen. Lois Kolkhorst voted for one of the most racist bills in the Texas legislature since the end of Jim Crow. The anti-CRT bill prevents high school teachers from telling their students the truth about Christopher Columbus, the first Thanksgiving, the genocides of Indigenous Americans and Africans as we stole their land, or how in Jim Crow we regularly lynched Black people for almost any reason.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst’s extremely racially gerrymandered district.

Twenty. HB 1900 was a bill to punish minority-majority cities that reinvest in their communities. While Republicans call these bills “Back the Blue” and “Anti-Defunding,” these are just catchy slogans that take away from the truth of what these bills do. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kolkhorst voted for this bill.

Looking at Senator Kolkhorst’s voting record, one might assume she holds a racist ideology.

Twenty-One. Lois Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a racist bill relating to bail bonds.

Nationally, more than half a million people who have not been convicted of any crime are trapped in jail because they cannot afford to pay for their freedom. Under a cash bail system, when a person is detained—and presumed innocent—a court determines an amount that person must pay to be released. Historically, the purpose of cash bail payment is to ensure that person will return to court.

But experience, confirmed by data, has long demonstrated how this system of wealth-based detention fills jails with a disproportionate share of Black and brown people who are unfairly saddled with bail amounts they cannot pay. 

This bill erected significant barriers to community bail funds that provide crucial resources for individuals too poor to pay for their release and provide a needed safety valve for counties. In addition, it expands pretrial detention and undermines the presumption of innocence central to our criminal legal system.

Twenty-two. Once again, in 2021, Lois Kolkhorst got to pick her voters by voting on the newest racially gerrymandered redistricting map.

Twenty-three. Like every other racist in the south, on Martin Luther King JR Day, Senator Kolkhorst dared to quote him, knowing that 60 years ago, she would have been one of the ones he marched against.

But of all of the people Lois Kolkhorst has targeted in her time in office, women have been the group she’s worked to hurt the most.

Twenty-four. In 2011 Kolkhorst sponsored and voted for a bill that demanded women must have a sonogram at least 24 hours before an abortion. The bill intended to embarrass women seeking abortion care and increase the difficulty in obtaining one.

Twenty-five. Kolkhorst voted for a bill that cut women’s healthcare in Texas in 2011. While Republicans painted it as an anti-abortion bill, it cut access to birth control, STD screenings, and cancer screenings to millions of Texas women.

In the years that followed the passage of this bill, the maternal morbidity rate in Texas skyrocketed. It’s a direct cause and effect which has killed thousands of Texas women over the last decade.

Knowing this, do you think Lois Kolkhorst has done anything to save the lives of Texas women?

Twenty-six. No, the opposite. Although Texas is the worst state in the nation for access to prenatal and maternal healthcare, Senator Kolkhorst has consistently and adamantly against allowing people with lower incomes access healthcare.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t bother her. She’s a millionaire.

Twenty-seven. In 2013, Kolkhorst voted against equal pay for women.

Twenty-eight. That same year, she voted to increase abortion restrictions. The Supreme Court later turned over this bill.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst has consistently advocated against allowing people of lesser means access to healthcare.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst has always advocated against allowing people of lesser means to have access to healthcare.

Twenty-Nine. During the 2015 legislative session, Senator Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a bill that prohibited health insurance from covering abortion. Spoiler alert: she never backs any anti-poverty programs or increases welfare measures to help women in poverty feed children they can’t afford.

Thirty. Because of her anti-women and pro-poverty stances, Lois Kolkhorst is a direct contributor to the fact that millions of Texas children live in food insecure households. 20% of Texas children go to bed hungry each night, but all millionaire Lois Kolkhorst has done for them is force their mothers to have more children.

There’s more.

Thirty-One. In 2015, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a bill that mandated minors seeking abortion care must have parental consent.

Thirty-two. In 2017, she voted for a bill that increased the cost of abortions in Texas.

Thirty-three. During the 86th legislative session, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a bill that takes Texas taxpayers’ money and funds fake pregnancy centers. These fake pregnancy centers divert, delay, and deceive people seeking abortion care, exploiting their personal information while accepting millions of dollars of our money. They are also explicitly Christian, violating our constitutional right of separation of church and state.

Thirty-four. Last year, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for the trigger bill that went into place on September 1, banning all abortions in Texas, even in the case of rape or incest.

I know you’re thinking, there are a lot of things and people that Senator Kolkhorst hates; Is there anything that she likes?

You betcha. She really likes gun violence.

Thirty-five. After Kolkhorst’s 2007 stand-your-ground law, homicides in Texas increased by 8%.

Thirty-six. In 2013, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a bill that prohibited federal firearm regulations in Texas. This included background checks or registration requirements.

Thirty-seven. The following legislative session, she voted for a bill that reduced the hours a person needed to obtain a concealed carry license.

Thirty-eight. Kolkhorst also co-sponsored and voted for a bill that allowed concealed carry on college campuses. Spoiler alert: it did not reduce school shootings.

Thirty-nine. Kolkhorst was a co-sponsor and voted for the open carry bill in Texas. Republicans liked this bill because it allowed 40-year-old men in camo-pants and Trump t-shirts to strap an AR15 on their back while they went grocery shopping.

Forty. During the 85th legislative session, Kolkhorst co-sponsored and voted for a bill that reduced the fees to conceal carry.

Senator Kolkhorst attempting to impress her country club friend with her big gun.

Kolkhorst really, really likes gun violence.

Forty-one. She voted for guns in churches.

Forty-two. She voted for guns in high school parking lots.

Forty-three. She voted for guns in hotel rooms.

Forty-four. She voted for prohibiting discrimination against the gun industry.

Forty-five. And in 2021, she co-sponsored and voted for constitutional carry, allowing any Tom, Dick, or Harry to openly carry a firearm in public without training or licensing.

Forty-six. Because of Lois Kolkhorst’s (and other Republicans’) love of gun violence, the violent crime rate in Texas has soared. Over the last decade, the firearm mortality rate has jumped almost five points, and the gun homicide rate has increased by 90%.

Forty-seven. Women in Texas are 24% more likely to be murdered with a gun than in any other state. Instead of working to fix that problem, Senator Kolkhorst has spent the last two decades making it worse.

Lois Kolkhorst has belonged to the affluent class since she was born. She came from wealth, married into wealth, and acquired more wealth. It’s only a big deal because of how hard she’s worked to hurt Texas, who live in poverty.

Texas’s poverty rate is much higher than the national average, and 3.9 million people in the Lone Star State live below the poverty line. Poverty is such a rampant problem in Texas that there are only five states in America with higher poverty rates. Many people in Texas struggle.

Forty-eight. In 2007, Senator Kolkhorst voted against pay raises for teachers. Spoiler alert: They still haven’t had one in 2022.

Forty-nine. Kolkhorst voted against allowing subcontractors access to workers comp if they got injured on a job site. Since 58% of Texans can’t afford private insurance, this has led to the medical bankruptcy of thousands of people.

Fifty. In 2009, Lois Kolkhorst voted against expanding eligibility to CHIPS. As in the state program that allows children to obtain medical care. Texas is also the 51st state (and Washington DC) regarding child health care. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children, 45th in children’s obesity, and 42nd in children’s dental health. While children are our most precious population, they’re also the ones who suffer most. And Senator Kolkhorst voted to make it harder on them.

Why should she care?

Fifty-one. In 2011, she voted to cut state funding for education. Not only did this leave schools further impoverished it was also a huge contributor to rising property taxes in Texas. Actions like these have made Texas one of the highest-taxed states in America. Thanks to legislators like Lois Kolkhorst, people are literally being taxed out of their homes.

Fifty-two. In 2015, she voted against a free breakfast program for school children. In Texas, one out of every five children is facing hunger, but Kolkhorst would rather children in poverty starve (it must be her rigid pro-life stance).

Chuck Norris, Senator Lois Kolkhorst, and Greg Abbott

Fifty-three. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Senator Kolkhorst would side with property holders over the people who can’t afford the American dream. That’s why she voted on this pro-landlord, anti-tenant legislation in 2015.

Fifty-four. That same year she voted for anti-union legislation because she was against wealthy CEOs having to pay their employees a livable wage.

Fifty-five. The following year Kolkhorst voted for more anti-union legislation, mandating that minors must get parental consent to join a union at work.

And some of Senator Kolkhorst’s legislative work was purely mean-spirited.

Fifty-six. In 2009, she voted against requiring fish retail fish dealers to post warning signs in a conspicuous location where it is readily visible to consumers explaining the potential for high levels of mercury found in fresh and frozen fish.

Fifty-seven. Who wouldn’t want children to be safer while traveling in vehicles? Lois Kolkhorst, that’s who. That’s why in 2009, she voted against increasing the age for requiring a seatbelt.

Fifty-eight. In 2015, Senator Kolkhorst voted for the Denton Fracking Ban. Denton residents had said, “We don’t want fracking in our neighborhoods. It poisons our grounds and our water.” The Republicans in the legislature responded by saying, “Too bad, choke on this poison, bitch.” Then they passed a law saying communities could not ban fracking even if they wanted to.

Fifty-nine. During the 87th Legislature, Lois Kolkhorst and other Republicans passed a bill aimed at stopping houseless people from voting.

Sixty. Everything that Lois Kolkhorst has done during her two decades in office has directly hurt millions of Texans economically, environmentally, and personal health and safety.

Sixty-one. Despite being in office for over two decades, there isn’t evidence of one single positive piece of legislation or action she took to improve the lives of Texans.

No one ever had anything wrong to say about Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst. That is until they see her voting record.

Senator Kolkhorst has remained free of political scandals or embarrassing interviews, so she mostly flies under the radar. However, she is one of Texas’s most heartless, selfish, and immoral legislators. What makes it so much worse is that she’s harmed many people over decades.

It’s time for a change in Texas. It’s time to vote for all the awful people running our state in the ground. Democrat Josh Tutt is running against Kolkhorst on the November ballot.

It’s time to vote Lois Kolkhorst out of office.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

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And in 545 days, on November 8, we turn Texas blue.

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