Is Chip Roy Scared To Debate His Democratic Challenger, Claudia Zapata?

Is Chip Roy Scared To Debate His Democratic Challenger, Claudia Zapata?

What could he possibly be scared of other than the truth?

On August 22, Claudia Zapata, Democratic candidate for Texas Congressional 21, challenged Congressman Chip Roy to a debate. Unfortunately, not only did he not answer then, he still has yet to reply.

Why do you think that is?

As Zapata challenged him, she confronted him about his previous statements regarding funding programs that help his constituents. He lied about making those statements. You can see the complete account here, in this video tweeted out by Zapata on August 30.

Is Chip Roy scared of being confronted with the truth?

We interviewed Claudia Zapata back in July, and one thing we learned is she is on her p’s and q’s regarding policy. Indeed, in a debate, she would only confront Roy with the destructive policies he’s made during his time in Washington.

Or perhaps he is scared that he will lose control of his emotions again. As we all know, Chip Roy has a history of losing his cool and crying like a baby on committees or on the House floor.

Is Chip Roy counting on his gerrymandered district to help bring home a win?

Chip’s buddies in the Texas legislature tried to throw him a bone with redistricting by making this district 3% more white than in 2020, when he won against Wendy Davis by 6-points. But because of the current threat to democracy, the Roe v. Wade issue, and the Beto-effect, it’s looking like most districts will swing 2% – 5% Democrats this cycle, which makes Congressional District 21 a competitive race.

Claudia Zapata is busting her butt in this campaign to meet voters, door knock, holding events, and get the word out about this election and why she’s the better candidate.

Democrats not only won but had unexpected wins in Kansas, Alaska, and New York. There is a BIG BLUE WAVE coming, and Texas is next.

Contact Chip Roy and tell him that you want him to accepts Claudia Zapata’s challenge… that is, of course, unless he’s scared.

You can TWEET HIM.

Call him at 202-225-4236.

Or email him, HERE.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!

The last day to register to vote is October 11, 34 days from now.

The first day of early voting is October 24, 47 days from now.

And in 62 days, on November 8, Claudia Zapata will kick Chip Roy out of office.

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