Texas Right To Life Political Director Arrested For Soliciting A Minor

Texas Right To Life Political Director Arrested For Soliciting A Minor

Forced pregnancy activist, Luke Bowen, was arrested for trying to solicit a child for sex.

The political director of the group fighting tooth and nail to take away the rights of Texas women was arrested this month in Conroe, Texas, for online solicitation of a minor. In a story originally broken by the alt-right publication, Current Revolt, details of the August 3 arrest are still developing.

Luke Bowen faces the exact charges: Texas Penal Code – PENAL § 33.021 § 33.021.Online Solicitation of a Minor

Texas Right to Life has poured nearly $200,000 into Republican politicians in this election cycle. The Republicans they support are the worst candidates on the far right. $20,000 to Brian Harrison, $17,000 to Caroline Harris, and $12,000 to Carrie Isaac.

Texas Right to Life is everything you’d expect from a far-right group pouring cash into Texas politics and aiming to take away the rights of others.

Luke Brown is facing some serious jail time and just offered us a new perspective on why the far right wants to force women to have children they don’t want or can’t afford.

Vote because if you don’t, Texas’ future will be filled with Republican ruining the lives of children from Amarillo to Brownsville.

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