It’s Time For Texans To Take Our State Back

It’s Time For Texans To Take Our State Back

When California sends its people, they aren’t sending their best.

At some point, Republicans got pretty good at marketing a message that Texas is some haven for Conservatives. I don’t know when that was, but if I had to guess, it was probably in the 1990s and likely the brainchild of Karl Rove or Rick Perry.

In 2018, more native-born Texans voted for Beto than for Cruz.

As it turns out, most of our Republican leaders aren’t even from Texas. They’re moving here, sticking a cowboy hat on their head, and then pandering to the Ku Klux Klan leftovers in rural Texas. They tout “Texas values,” but for those who have lived in Texas forever, we know that the GOP’s values are anything but Texas values.

These fake Texans have grabbed hold of our state, and it’s time for us to take it back from them.

Who’s not a Texan, and where are they from?

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, born Dannie Goeb, is from Baltimore, Maryland. Ken Paxton was born in North Dakota and only moved to Texas when he started college. As all of us already know, Ted Cruz is from Canada.

Check out all of our Republican Congresspeople:

Dan Crenshaw – TX02Scotland, (raised in Ecuador and Columbia)
Pat Fallon – TX04Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Kevin Brady – TX08Vermillion, South Dakota
Chip Roy – TX21Bethesda, Maryland, (raised in Lovettsville, Virginia)
Troy Nehls – TX22Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Beth Van Duyne – TX24Upstate New York
Roger Williams – TX25Evanston, Illinois
Michael Burgess – TX26Rochester, Minnesota
Michael Cloud – TX27Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Of all the Texas Congresspeople, almost 40% of the Republicans come from faraway lands (and Louisiana). Only two of the Democrats were born elsewhere.

These foreigners have played a great rouse on the people in their districts and got themselves elected to bring Texas values to Congress. Chip Roy? Beth Van Duyne? Anyone who has heard either of these two speak knows they don’t have a drop of Texas in their blood.

It’s not just Congress.

Take a look at the Texas State Senate:

Senator: From:
Bob Hall – SD02Tampa, Florida
Charles Schwertner – SD05Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Jane Nelson – SD12Hamilton, Ohio
Donna Campbell – SD25San Diego, California, (raised in Oklahoma)

For those of y’all who don’t pay especially close attention, Bob Hall and Donna Campbell are the worst of the worst. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, and pandering to the billionaire classes are their game. They’ve moved here from other states to screw up our home and call it Conservatism.

Conservatism isn’t a Texas value, which is why the Democrats in the State Senate all come from Texas.

And the Texas State House?

Representative: From:
Jay Dean – HD07Opelousas, Louisiana
Steve Toth – HD15New York
Todd Hunter – HD32Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Tan Parker – HD63Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Lynn Stuckey – HD64Kansas
Matt Shaheen – HD66Virginia
James Frank – HD69Atlanta, Georgia
Tom Craddick – HD82Beloit, Wisconsin
John Frullo – HD84Wyoming
Phil Stephenson – HD85Duncan, Oklahoma
Tony Tinderholt – HD94Minnesota

Then, on top of that, a whole bunch of House Republicans don’t say or haven’t ever said where they are from. It’s almost like they’re hiding it or don’t want people to know they aren’t Texans.

Ed Thompson? Gary Gates? Scott Sanford? Candy Noble? Giovanni Capriglione? Mike Schofield? Tom Oliverson?

Where are those Reps from? It’s a mystery. One, I’m willing to bet doesn’t end with Texas.

Why are Texas Republicans so willing to take away the rights and freedoms of others?

Because they don’t hold Texas values.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with people who come from other states. Like my grandfather used to say, “If I had to choose between living in heaven and living in Texas, I’d choose Texas.” We lifelong-Texas understand why they want to come here. But what we have now in our states is dozens of fascists and Christian fundamentalists who have moved here from lands unknown, taken charge, and run our state into the ground.

Why are children in Texas starving? Why are there still sundown towns in Texas? Why don’t millions of Texans have access to healthcare? Because Conservatives from all over the country have flocked to Texas to take away our freedoms.

It’s time to vote them all out.

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