Beto Will End Cannabis Prohibition In Texas

Beto Will End Cannabis Prohibition In Texas

Plus, he plans on expunging cannabis-related charges on people’s records.

Colorado legalized cannabis thirteen years ago. Since then, they have been a model for cannabis policies nationwide. The issue has been studied, economic and social impact reports have been published, and here’s what we know:

Economic forecasts have shown that Texas would earn between $1 billion – $2 billion annually in cannabis tax revenue.

Fully funded public education? ✅

Lower property taxes? ✅

Reduced criminal justice costs? ✅

Why would anyone be against this?

The Republican Party of Texas is against it. In their new party platform, they explicitly oppose the legalization of marijuana. And Greg Abbott has repeatedly said no to legalization.

In every town hall Beto held, he said he would end cannabis prohibition, and the crowd screamed and cheered each time. It’s unsurprising since 72% of Democrats and 60% of all Americans support legalization.

Beto is going to save Texas.

Not only by legalizing cannabis, but with all of his policies that include fixing the grid, expanding access to healthcare, repairing our broken education system, and lowering property taxes.

Beto will improve so many people’s lives, especially by expunging cannabis-related criminal records and allowing veterans access to medical and recreational marijuana.

The last day to register to vote is October 11, 61 days from now.

The first day of early voting is October 24, 74 days from now.

And in 89 days, on November 8, Beto gets voted in as our next Governor.

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