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Abbott Releases Embarrassing Ad Full Of White Supremacist Propaganda

The ad is so terrible it looks like it was crafted by a child who failed to realize the irony of how Abbott has played games with Texan’s lives.

Greg Abbott’s campaign has raised over $69 million, yet it looks like he gave $10 to an 8-year-old who just graduated summer technology camp to make his whack-a-mole ad.

Besides the awful graphics and the millions of Texans who have probably never seen a whack-a-mole game, the message of his ad is full of white supremacist propaganda.


Fund the police.

A few years ago, after the murder of George Floyd, an activist group in Minneapolis advocated to “defund the police.” They did this because in Minneapolis, the community didn’t feel the local police department was protecting and serving, as George Floyd’s murder was another in a string of murders committed by white police officers.

On top of that, countless studies have publicized the prevalence of white supremacy in law enforcement.

Civil rights advocacy groups have not pushed for a lawless society where criminals run amok in our societies. Instead, they have pushed for community and mental health initiatives to reduce the killings of unarmed Black people in America. Since their suggestions for these community and mental health initiatives would fundamentally change the way policing is done, Conservatives have twisted it and used it as a campaign slogan.

So, when Greg Abbott or any other Republican talks about “fund the police,” they mean that they would like to continue the way policing is done in America and continue the killings of unarmed people of color.

Secure the border.

What Greg Abbott’s ad meant by “secure the border” is to continue to build the white supremacist monument between Mexico and America and call it a wall. Greg Abbott has been widely criticized for his white supremacist rhetoric regarding the border, including using words like “invasion.”

In fact, Greg Abbott has committed several human and civil rights abuses at the border due to his shenanigans about stopping refugees from requesting asylum. As a result, Abbott is currently facing lawsuits from multiple human rights groups, including the ACLU, and the Justice Department has launched an investigation against him.

Abbott’s “secure the border” rhetoric is a dog whistle to every Nazi-loving alt-right member in the GOP base.

Ban Critical Race Theory.

It’s been discussed and repeated enough that we all know Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in schools. Those against CRT are against teaching accurate American history about white supremacy. See the anti-CRT bill’s author’s full embrace of white supremacy here:

The far-right has called Critical Race theory “anti-white, reverse-racism, and Marxism.” They’ve made up lies like, “Critical Race Theory teaches white students they are inherently bad” and “it’s racism against white people.”

Critical Race Theory is the new boogie man for people who refuse to acknowledge America’s racist history.

The irony of Abbott’s gaming use in his ad.

Greg Abbott has played games with Texans’ lives and livelihoods, and our state has suffered because of it. Hundreds of Texans died because Abbott refused to weatherize the grid, 100,000 Texans died because Abbott refused to take Covid-19 seriously. Thousands of Texans die each year due to Abbott’s open carry and constitutional carry bills.

Abbott has played games with the lives of Texans as he pandered to far-right billionaire fundamentalists.

Beto dropped a new ad about the reality for Texas teachers and students this morning. Perhaps Abbott’s team should be taking pointers from Beto on how to run an effective ad.

Beto will save Texas.

Beto will weatherize our grid and connect us to the national grid. He will always listen to scientists and medical professionals regarding public health emergencies. Beto will pass common-sense, Second Amendment-friendly bills regarding keeping children in schools safe from gun violence.

Beto doesn’t plan to eliminate law enforcement in Texas and create a lawless society. But he has plans to keep the border secure without pandering to racists or committing human rights abuses. And Beto knows that Critical Race Theory is a college-level legal theory that isn’t taught in public schools and has no intention of getting behind teaching kindergarteners legal theory.

Greg Abbott panders to the worst of society with the worst ideas. Too many in Texas have suffered under Abbott’s reign, and it’s time for it to end.

The last day to register to vote is October 11, 71 days from now.

The first day of early voting is October 24, 84 days from now.

And in 99 days, on November 8, we vote Abbott out for good.

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