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Harris County GOP Actively Disenfranchising Democrats And The Disabled

Leaked Emails From The Harris County GOP show paid operatives working to disenfranchise Harris County’s disabled community and voting democrats.

On July 1, Harris County Officials warned residents of a scam group impersonating election workers, going door-to-door trying to get people to sign affidavits that they live at the address. The group was calling themselves the “Texas Election Network.” Leaked emails now show who’s involved, how this group is working, and the lengths they’re going to disenfranchise Democratic voters. Some of the emails were written after Harris County officials issued that warning.

July 8, 2022:

(There were roughly thirty people CC’ed on the email. Although we’ve cut them out, we have handed over the un-cropped emails to the proper authorities.)

The first leaked email comes from Harris County GOP Training Director Bill Ely. He thanked the volunteers for showing up to the training of what they’re calling the “Texas Election Integrity Project.” They were asking volunteers to work for 20+ hours a week, but they had limited funds they could pay. However, they want the volunteers to submit a W9 to get paid.

July 13, 2022:

The second email comes from Harris County GOP Precinct Chair 13, Dell Holmsley. It was a follow-up on an email apparently sent out by Harris County GOP Chair Cindy Siegel. It listed the tasks they are having the volunteers do regarding the “Election Integrity Project.” Those tasks included:

What list?

We got a copy of that, too. They are only targeting registered voters who have voted in Democratic elections. The declaration forms are the same forms seen in the KHOU story regarding the group impersonating election workers.

Holmsley instructed the email recipient to go to each house on the list 3-4 times and make a record if they never answered their door. They are doing this because they intend to challenge every voter who doesn’t answer the door with the county election’s office and have that person purged from the voter rolls.

If you live in Harris County, you need to ensure that your name hasn’t been purged from the rolls already. And you’ll need to check again before the last day to register.

If you discover you have been purged from the voter rolls, contact the Harris County elections office immediately.

What are they doing to disenfranchise the disabled community?

Here’s a video of Harris County’s most crooked Republican, Valoree Swanson, who was previously alleged to be involved in election fraud, talking about how Alan Vera had people work on election integrity from home to clean up the voter rolls.

Alan Vera is the Harris County GOP Ballot Security Director. And we know how they’re doing this because along with the leaked emails were several emails from 2020. This disenfranchisement effort they already tried in the last election. They must have had some success because, according to Valoree Swanson, they’re doing it again.

The Harris County GOP has been finding every Democrat who checked the disability box and having their volunteers comb through those voters’ social media. If they see people on social media who have selected disabled on their voting registration but don’t look disabled, they’re trying to get them purged from the voter rolls and indicted on fraud.

2020 Email from Alan Vera:

As mentioned, one of their lists of disabled voters was attached to one of the emails. I’ve blacked out all personal information. However, the unredacted version was sent to the proper authorities. As you can see, they were only targeting disabled voters who voted in the Democratic Party.

Another 2020 email from Alan Vera regarding disenfranchising the disabled community:

According to Vera, State Senator Paul Bettencourt, notorious for his disenfranchising efforts, was also involved in this plot. Although, it didn’t say to what extent.

And below is the power point presentation attached to the email which is supposed to be a handy-dandy guide to help the Texas Election Network Volunteers purge Democrats and disabled people from the voter rolls.

And here is the “Voter Registration Challenge” that they are going door-to-door with:

Harris County Republicans are trying to cheat their way to victory in 2022.

While all the leaked emails have been handed over to authorities, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Please contact Commissioner Rodney Ellis’ office and demand an investigation. (713) 274-1000

Contacting the Texas Attorney General’s Office is pointless since Ken Paxton has been behind much of the election. However, please consider making a complaint at the U.S. Department of Justice, HERE.

And vote like fascists is trying to strip you of your rights because they are.

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