Congressman Brian Babin Participated In A Seditious Conspiracy

Congressman Brian Babin Participated In A Seditious Conspiracy

Babin wasn’t the only Congressman who participated in this conspiracy, but he’s running for reelection and will probably win.

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump and his associates attempted a coup. We all know it failed, and as we’re learning in the January 6th Committee Hearings, it was about so much more than the violence Trump encouraged that day. There was a fake elector plot and a scheme that involved Pence not certifying the votes.

On January 6, after the insurrection, members of Congress returned to the Capitol and still voted to overturn the election, despite there being no proof or evidence that fraud had occurred.

Sixteen Texas Republicans participated in that vote. Brian Babin was one of them.

After the failed coup, some of the Republicans zipped their mouths shut and quit talking about stolen elections, but not Brian Babin.

January 6th Committee confirms Congressman Brian Babin was involved in Trump’s coup.

Despite the violence caused by the GOP’s rhetoric, Brian Babin continued to spread baseless conspiracy theories.

Congressman Brian Babin is a hatemonger and a pathological liar.

In the weeks after January 6th, Babin used social media to post racist lies and made up conspiracies, which I even took the time to debunk. But nothing stopped him. He’s a sad old man full of hate on a mission to hurt as many people as he comes across. Babin holds white supremacist ideology, which he spews frequently, and constantly lies. Congressman Brian Babin lies about Joe Biden, the border, pipelines, Democrats, inflation, oil, and every other right-wing talking point to stir up his base.

Unfortunately, his district in East Texas is full of white supremacist hold-outs from the old Ku Klux Klan era, who don’t disseminate information outside of OAN News and Breitbart. On top of that, it’s gerrymandered, just like the rest of the state.

The January 6th Committee confirmed yesterday that Brian Babin was directly involved in Trump’s coup.

(See the above video.) On December 21, 2020, Congressman Brian Babin, along with Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Andy Harris, Jody Hice, Jim Jordan, and Scott Perry met with Trump at the White House.

Everyone knew at this time, even Trump, that there was no fraud on all of their claims of stealing the election were completely baseless. However, in that meeting, they plotted with Trump to spread lies and conspiracy theories about the election and planned on overturning the electoral count on January 6.

After that meeting Trump told the Department of Justice to “just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen.”

The January 6th Committee has confirmed that these Congressmen participated in Trump’s seditious conspiracy.

Now what? Calls to action.

Last year, Congresswoman Cori Bush introduced a bill to have an ethics investigation, and the members who sought to overturn 2020 would face sanctions, including removal from the House of Representatives.

The bill has sat stagnant since. Why? Is it because the January 6th Committee will eventually recommend this to the House or refer charges to the DOJ? There’s no way to know this unless someone in Congress tells us, which they haven’t.

The bill has been referred to both the Rules Committee and a House Judiciary Subcommittee.

  1. Contact the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Congressman James McGovern, and urge him to bring up H.Res.25. Call McGovern at 202-225-6101 or email him here.
  2. Contact the Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee, Congressman Steve Cohen, and urge him to bring up H.Res.25. Call Cohen at 202-225-3265 or email him here.

The bill has to go through committee before it can be brought to the House floor.

We all assume that the Department of Justice is investigating Trump’s coup, as well as the Congressmen who participated in it. But we’ve heard little about that investigation.

3. Contact the Department of Justice here, and let them know you want to see charges brought upon Brian Babin and the other traitors who participated in the coup.

Their crimes are out in the open, and the January 6th Committee confirmed it. Every day these people continue to walk free is a danger to our democracy.

4. Contact Brian Babin directly and urge him to resign. Call him at 202-225-1555, email him at, or Tweet him at @RepBrianBabin.

5. Vote like your life, and the very sanctity of our democracy depends on it.

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