Texas Republicans Are Planning To Do Away With One Person, One Vote

Texas Republicans Are Planning To Do Away With One Person, One Vote

The new Texas GOP Platform calls for a state electoral college to elect statewide office holders instead of the popular vote.

In yet another flagrant act of white supremacy, Texas Republicans add to their platform their intention to do away with one person, one vote in state elections. The new GOP platform is straightforward; they do not want non-white people to vote. They’ve also pledged to repeal the 1965 Voting Rights Act, along with several other voter restrictions aimed at stripping away the right to vote from millions of Texans.

You can find this ON THEIR PLATFORM, on page 6, line number 204, plank 34.

These are the same tactics white supremacists used before the Civil Rights Era to stop Black and brown people from voting. Democrats are not the majority in Texas, and with the Democratic base’s excitement over Beto O’Rourke, we could easily win in November, provided we got out and voted. The GOP is hoping that doesn’t happen and planning on preventing Democrats from ever winning a statewide election.

The GOP wants white, rural, and sparsely populated areas to count more than diverse urban and suburban areas, where 75% of Texas’ population lives.

This is not the first time this has come up. Not long ago, a Colorado GOP Governor candidate offered a similar plan. An analysis found it would give 2,000 voters in three rural counties twice as many electoral votes as 761,000 voters in three urban counties.

Eliminating democracy is THE KEY to every one of their ideological goals. They want to engineer the system, so they always have power no matter what. The voters won’t be able to stop them, and all their darkest fantasies can come true.

This isn’t hyperbole. They’ve put it on their party platform. Alarm bells should be going off in every corner of the state. This is American fascism. It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous it is.

It’s not enough to vote, it’s an emergency, and everyone needs to have their sleeves rolled up.

Donate if you can, but that’s okay if you don’t have the money. You can volunteer your time. If you don’t have time, that’s okay.

You should be talking to everyone you know. Help spread the word about what’s at stake in this election. Learn about the critical dates. Call your family and friends, and ensure they’re registered to vote by the deadline. 

When early voting starts, call them every day to see if they voted yet, offer them a ride to the polls, and go with them if you need to. 

If you do not vote against the Texas GOP in November, you may never have the chance to vote again. 

If you think this is all hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention.

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