Living Blue In Texas Endorses Kim Olson For TX Democratic Party Chair

Living Blue In Texas Endorses Kim Olson For TX Democratic Party Chair

We are currently staring down the barrel of authoritarianism. The status quo isn’t good enough. That’s why we’re endorsing Kim Olson for state party chair.

In the last two weeks, the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, stripped millions of Americans of their Fourth Amendment Rights, and stripped the EPA of the right to regulate greenhouse gasses. Meanwhile, the Texas GOP released their platform, which calls for an entire host of fascist policies. Texas Republicans want to repeal the 1965 Voting Rights Act, end one person-one vote in Texas, abolish access to mental healthcare for children, and push for another Civil War.

And while all of ⬆️that⬆️ is going on, the January 6th hearings implicate Republicans of federal crimes including, but not limited to: seditious conspiracy. And while they have only implicated one Texas Congressman, Louie Gohmert, of criminal activity so far, there are fourteen other Texas Congressman and one Senator, Ted Cruz, who may have criminally been involved in Trump’s failed coup. (There were 16, but Ron Wright died of Covid) Since the failed coup, all of the Texas Congresspeople and Ted Cruz have worked tirelessly to hurt Texans with egregious policies.

Not to mention Ken Paxton’s recent announcement of his desire to incarcerate the LGBTQ community once the Supreme Court overturns the prohibition on anti-sodomy laws.

🚨Voting these people out of office is a full-blown emergency.🚨

We don’t have until 2024. We will see a lot of change in this country before the November 2022 election. This year may be the last chance we have to save democracy in November. We need leaders who recognize the danger we’re in under Republican rule and are willing to bust their asses and bend backward to turn Texas blue. We believe Kim Olsen is that person.

Chair Gilberto Hinojosa has had ten years to turn Texas blue, and it was a massive failure that it didn’t happen in 2020. While Chair Hinojosa has done plenty in the last decade, he lacks the foresight and enthusiasm we need right now, in 2022. This was best demonstrated in TX34, where only 7% of the vote turned out, and a long-held Democratic seat went to a far-right Republican. And while it’s expected that we will win that seat back in November, it’s a moral blow that Democratic voters didn’t need.

What will it take to turn Texas blue?

The Texas Democratic Party has no infrastructure. There isn’t any coordination from county to county, region to region, or group to group. Everyone is busting their asses in their county party or political club, but these organizations rarely work together. This needs to change. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

The data that the state party, county parties, and candidates use a database system called VAN, which is frequently out-of-date and doesn’t use all available data points, nor have they integrated with AI yet. We need better data. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

Rural Democratic candidates typically have little to no support or interactions with the Texas Democratic Party. This has long been a problem. The state party must invest more time and resources into rural candidates, especially since our state is gerrymandered to give rural politicians more power than urban ones. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

For years, the state party has pandered and begged to the national party, while they have sucked Texas donors away from Texas and offered us very little in return. The Texas Democratic Party leader should focus on Texas, not Washington DC. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

And messaging?

When was the last time you saw a TV ad or heard a radio announcement for a Texas Democrat? Even the ads you see on social media come from PACs or candidates. Do you get flyers in the mail? Do people knock on your door? It hasn’t been happening in Texas for a long time. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

What about the states who have turned blues? Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin. The state party should be learning about their strategies and implementing the things that work. Kim Olson has a plan for that.

Thousands of delegates will vote for the Party Chair at the Texas Democratic State Convention in July.

If Democrats lose in November, the American experiment will be over, and we will be a full-blown fascist state. We can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. The state party needs change, and we need leadership that wants to make those changes.

If you’re going to be a delegate at the state convention in July, we strongly urge you to vote for Kim Olson for the next Texas Democratic Party Chair.

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