He Committed Sedition And Hasn’t Been Held Accountable

He Committed Sedition And Hasn’t Been Held Accountable

Congressman Ronny Jackson hates democracy and has been on the inside, trying to tear it down for over a year.

After the November 2020 election, Congressman Ronny Jackson vocally advocated overthrowing the government. Jackson posted on Twitter daily regarding “Stop the Steal” and even went so far as to post pictures of Joe Biden in front of a Chinese Communist flag with captions that said China-owned Biden and his win was a Chinese takeover of America.

We screenshotted many of those social media posts and documented them HERE.

The definition of sedition is language intended to incite insurrection against the governing authority. 

While Congressman Ronny Jackson was not alone in his sedition efforts against the American government, his advocating for the overthrow of the election was one of the most egregious.

Why hasn’t Jackson been held accountable for sedition?

Sometimes there are gray areas in life, but Congressman Ronny Jackson’s behavior online and on TV was clearly promoting the overturning of the election. It was sedition. Yet, like most Republicans who participated in this conspiracy, Jackson hasn’t been charged.

It boggles the mind as to why. DOJ Merrick Garland has a duty to hold the GOP accountable but hasn’t. Not yet, anyway. Is the DOJ still investigating? Are there other investigations?

Meanwhile, Jackson is still in Congress, blocking progress and voting on bills that hurt the American people.

Yesterday, the January 6th Committee asked Congressman Ronny Jackson to voluntarily interview them regarding his role in the January 6th Insurrection. The Committee has obtained text messages with several Oath Keepers, including the ones who have been charged with Seditious Conspiracy, which refer to protecting Jackson and how Jackson had critical data.

The picture above is Congressman Jackson proudly wearing a 3%ers shirt.

The Oath Keepers are a domestic terrorist organization. 3%ers are a domestic terrorist organization. These two groups largely overlap in both membership and ideology.

The Congressman has denied knowing these Oath Keepers and refused to talk to the January 6th Committee. However, Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers, has already been found to have multiple ties with Texas Republicans.

Since the Committee only asked for a voluntary interview, Jackson is under no obligation to comply.

Since the January 6th attempted overthrow of the government, Congressman Ronny Jackson has spent his days on Twitter lying about… everything.

Long-time readers of Living Blue in Texas know we don’t mince words, and while we haven’t hesitated to call certain Republicans dumb, corrupt, or racist, one word we have always avoided using is “evil.” It’s a philosophical thing. So who decides who is evil?

The tweets/lies that Congressman Jackson sends out daily are profoundly immoral and wicked. This is apparent to anyone who takes a quick glance at his Twitter account.

Congressman Ronny Jackson constantly lies about Joe Biden. He continually lies about Democrats, the border, the economy, coronavirus, and every event that hits the media.

He lies so often about so many things that we all need to stop and ask ourselves; Why?

Why is Congressman Jackson telling lies about Joe Biden? Why is he telling lies about the border?

It’s vital to his constituents to know that Congressman Ronny Jackson is a liar and to understand why he does it.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to that.

You can call or write directly here:

Since Jackson has been in Congress, he’s done things like co-sponsor the “Stop Reporting Climate Change Act” and the “No Tax Breaks for Sanctuary Cities Act,” but primarily, he’s only served as a butt in the chair to vote against Democrats.

Unfortunately, as bad as Republicans have gerrymandered Texas and spent decades discouraging voters, it isn’t likely that the far-right will vote Jackson out soon. But it’s important to highlight that we live in a country where certain people can commit some of the worst crimes out in public for everyone to see and not have any consequences for their actions.

What are you doing to make sure everyone you know votes in November?

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