Why Did Keller Give Key To The City To Islamophobic Congresswoman?

Why Did Keller Give Key To The City To Islamophobic Congresswoman?

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne single-handedly led the charge against the 420,000 Muslims who call Texas home. So, why did Keller give her a key to their city?

Keller is trying to earn itself the name of the most family-friendly city in Texas. Yet, last week, they gave a key to the city to a woman who has her very own page on Southern Poverty Law Center’s HateWatch. After providing Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne a key, it’s evident that they intend that to mean white families. It was a public display intended to be a wink and nod to tell Muslims that they aren’t welcome in the City of Keller. It appealed to the white supremacists looking to leave Dallas, Fort Worth, or other nearby towns that embrace cultural diversity.

Who is Beth Van Duyne?

Van Duyne is a New Yorker who moved down to Texas to assist Dan Patrick’s vision of an out-of-state Conservative takeover. While she was the mayor of Irving, she was thrown into the national spotlight because she attacked the local Muslim community.

She passed an Anti-Sharia law in the city of Irving and became a strong supporter of House Bill 562. Or, as this bill was so dubiously named, the Anti-Sharia bill (it never passed).

The observers watching the events in early 2015 gawked in horror. Then, just like wildfire, Tea Party conservatives all over Texas fell in line, and Muslims became the Republican target of hate. First, Texas Mosques were burnt down in Houston, and idiot Texas Republican Molly White went on social media and demanded all Muslims renounce terrorism and pledge allegiance to America. Then, Breitbart announced they would have a “Draw the Prophet” event.

Beth Van Duyne started Texas’ 2015 war against Muslims.

Beth Van Duyne, the New Yorker who became mayor of Irving, TX, beat out Jade Helm in the Houston Chron’s 2015 Hoax of the Year.

In September 2015, a 14-year-old Muslim boy who loved science and built a clock was accused of his invention being a bomb. Subsequently, he was arrested at school. This happened in Irving, the town of which Van Duyne was the mayor. She immediately took to Facebook and defended the school’s actions. But, of course, then she did what any sane and non-racist person would do, she went on Glen Beck’s show. While on his show, she went along with him when he painted the kid as a co-conspirator in a terror plot against America.

This led to armed protesters outside of Mosques in Irving. They were protesting Van Duyne’s imaginary Sharia Law Court.

What has Van Duyne done since she’s been in Congress?

She voted against the Equality Act, against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, against the For the People Act, against the American Rescue Plan, against the Equal Rights Amendment, and against the Violence Against Women Reauthorization.

Beth Van Duyne is against Paycheck Fairness, the January 6th Investigation, protecting workers from discrimination, investing in America, and Consumer Protection.

She voted against voting rights, protecting women’s health, family violence prevention, protecting our democracy, and would you believe she voted against the Combating Islamophobia Act.

Beth Van Duyne’s values don’t align with my family’s values or the values of any family I know. But so-called family-friendly Keller gave her a key to the city. It makes one wonder about the actual family values Keller is trying to portray.

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