Not One Conservative Has Been Banned From Twitter Because Of Their Political Beliefs

Not One Conservative Has Been Banned From Twitter Because Of Their Political Beliefs

The Conservatives banned from Twitter are crying about being persecuted for their political beliefs. But that’s not true.

Over the past few years, we’ve listened to one Conservative after another decry social media regarding their “First Amendment” rights. Republican politicians from Texas to New York have sought to remain on social media platforms, even when they break the ToS (Terms of Service). In the Lone Star State, Republicans even passed a bill saying that social media can’t ban Texans for their political beliefs.

To date, there isn’t one case of a person on the left or the right who has been banned for their political beliefs.

Last night, Michael Quinn Sullivan, Empower Texans’ loudest mouthpiece, tweeted, “Name one lefty/progressive who has been shadow-banned or silenced from Twitter because of their political positions.”

Knowing where he was taking that argument, I responded, “Name one Conservative who was shadow-banned or silenced from Twitter because of their political beliefs.”

Several examples were given of Conservatives who were banned for their so-called political beliefs.

According to Law Insider, political beliefs mean one’s opinion, manifested in speech or association, concerning society’s social, economic, and governmental structure and institutions.

So, let’s talk about those examples why they were suspended or banned.

Donald Trump: For most of us, it’s surreal that some people still see the orange one as their great white savior, so these people now are case studies for cult experts. Regardless, on January 8, 2021, Twitter published a blog detailing why Trump was banned because he broke Twitter’s Glorification of Violence policy.

Marjorie Taylor Green: After MTG’s fifth strike in violating Twitter’s policies on Covid-19 misinformation, she was permanently banned. To date, about 1,000,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus. Scientists and health experts have directly linked the spread of Covid misinformation to the high death rate in the USA.

Babylon Bee and Tucker Carlson: Babylon Bee was suspended for hate speech, which is against Twitter’s ToS. After which, Tucker Carlson retweeted a screenshot of their Tweet and called said hate speech “true.” He was promptly also suspended for hate speech.

None were suspended or banned because they wanted lower taxes and limited government.

Jack Posobiec: Not only did he get a 12-hour ban, but he also shared the reason he got a 12-hour ban later. He violated Twitter’s ToS on Hateful Conduct by harassing people based on gender identity.

Candace Owens: She got a 12-hour ban for encouraging people to break the law in Michigan. Twitter allegedly never cited which ToS was violated, but she was literally telling her millions of followers to break the law.

James Woods: Woods violated Twitter’s rules against sharing “intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent.”

Michelle Malkin: She violated Twitter’s violent threats policy when she tweeted that looters should be shot.

Dr. Robert Malone: Malone was banned from Twitter for violating the platform’s COVID-19 misinformation policies after promoting several false and misleading claims about the COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic. 

Mike Lindell: Twitter said Lindell was banned for “repeated violations” of the company’s civic integrity policy. Lindell has used his account to promote false claims of election fraud since November 2020.

The right seems to think hate speech and violence are everyday political discourse.

Matt Walsh: Walsh violated Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy, which prohibits users from using “violence” based on “race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

Juanita Broaddrick: This publicity hound was suspended from Twitter after violating the policy of spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.

These people were suspended or banned from Twitter for violating Twitter’s ToS regarding hate speech, promoting violence, and spreading misinformation. As a private platform, Twitter can set the rules for its platform. None of the reasons these people were banned had anything to do with planks on the Republican Party Platform. Nor did it violate their first amendment.

Republicans want the ability to harass, bully, threaten, and lie without consequence.

These Conservatives aren’t victims of a conspiracy but are perpetrators of egregious behavior that goes against all societal norms.

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