Is Chair Hinojosa Starting Rumors About His Opponent?

Is Chair Hinojosa Starting Rumors About His Opponent?

Democracy is on fire. We’re at risk of losing it all. Is our party and party leadership doing enough to save us?

This last weekend the Texas College Democrats had their convention in Houston. The best were there, Joe Jaworski, Luke Warford, and Beto. The three people running to be (or stay) state chairs had a forum during the convention. Unless I missed one, this is their second forum. I did a complete commentary on the first, which you can find here.

Both candidates running to replace Chair Gilberto Hinojosa have said that they’re running to turn Texas blue. Hinojosa had plenty to say, and we’ll get to that, but first, we need to talk about what happened before the forum and afterward.

Back in December 2021, Hinojosa called Kim Olson “this woman.” Total disrespect. And he got a lot of pushback from it.

As he should have.

In December, after that happened, Hinojosa started telling people that in 2018 Kim Olson allegedly pushed a staffer on a bus regarding seating arrangements or something petty.

At the Hidalgo County Democratic Convention a few weeks ago, a resolution was passed to condemn Olson for this incident and call for her resignation.

During the Texas College Democrats Convention forum on April 2, Chair Hinojosa was booed and heckled from the audience, while Olson received the loudest of all the audience cheers.

Then, on April 4, Patrick Svitek with the Texas Tribune drops this hit piece: “Texas Democratic Party leadership election roiled by accusation that a candidate shoved a staffer.”

Kim Olson has denied these allegations.

There are a few things that aren’t fitting right. First of all, the Texas Tribune has always been someone who paints themselves as left-of-center, but they proudly wear the “non-partisan journalism” badge.

Texas Tribune’s actual allegiance to so-called non-partisanship has come into question lately since CEO Evan Smith’s interview with Beto O’Rourke during SXSW. During that interview, Smith asked Beto several non-fact-based questions which resembled a speech at CPAC.

So, Svitek puts this out as some Kim Olson scandal all. At the same time, five Republican House Reps have been busted for having affairs. The chair of the Texas Republican Party is publicly obsessed with trans children’s genitals, and half of the Republicans running this year have white supremacy on their platform.

My first question was, “Is Svitek friends with Hinojosa?”

My second question was, “Is Svitek trying to shine a bad light on Texas Dems to give Abbott a leg up?”

Regardless, these allegations are rumors.

(And for the record, if it’s not apparent by our name, Living Blue in Texas is partisan and never claimed or tried to paint ourselves any other way.)

Here is a timeline of events regarding this alleged shoving incident.

  1. Fall 2018 – Alleged incident occurs.
  2. 2019 – Nothing.
  3. 2020 – Nothing.
  4. December 2021 – Hinojosa faces blowback for calling Olson “this woman.”
  5. December 2021– Hinojosa brings the alleged incident to light.
  6. March 2022 – Hidalgo County Democrats pass the resolution.
  7. April 2, 2022 – Hinojosa performed poorly at a debate.
  8. April 4, 2022 – Texas Tribune publishes an article about the 2018 incident.

It smells fishy.

A fair question to ask is: Did Hinojosa started this rumor for his own political gain?

If he did, why wouldn’t he use the same energy to fight Republicans?

Only delegates to the Democratic State Convention can vote for the Democratic Party Chair, and each one of them will have to decide what they think is best for the party, but Texas should have been blue already.

Hinojosa says it takes time, but we don’t have any time left.

Hinojosa says rural voters don’t matter, but there are sundown towns all over Texas where the voter turnout rate is 50%. So why aren’t we trying to help them or reach out to them?

With so much at stake in this election cycle, these rumors/scandals/dramas do nothing to help the party out. We don’t need distractions. Democracy is at risk.

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