Abbott Intentionally Causing Supply Shortages And Inflation For Political Stunt

Abbott Intentionally Causing Supply Shortages And Inflation For Political Stunt

As Greg Abbott wrecks the Texas economy and plays with the lives of our National Guards, Texas taxpayers shell out $500,000 a month so that Abbott can win over racist and uninformed voters.

Last week the Biden Administration announced that it would end Title 42, effective May 23, 2022. In response, Greg Abbott announced that he would bus asylum seekers to DC, and there would be enhanced vehicle inspections at the ports of entry. However, Abbott later walked back the threats to send asylum seekers to DC saying it would be voluntary.

The so-called vehicle inspections have nothing to do with searching for drugs or people smuggled in cargo, bringing international trade to a standstill.

What is Title 42?

Title 42 is public health law that allows the CDC to stop people and property from entering the United States “in the interest of public health,” Although it’s regularly discussed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been on the books for decades.

The Trump administration started using Title 42 as an anti-immigration policy in early 2020 in response to Covid. It allows Customs and Border Patrol to turn away refugees seeking asylum without allowing them to plea for asylum or giving them any documentation for due process.

According to the ACLU, Title 42 has made it impossible for people seeking asylum to do so in a safe and orderly way. Federal Courts have ruled that Title 42 is unconstitutional.

The Puente Movement reported: In June 2020, out of 1,650 unaccompanied children who entered the U.S., only 4% (61 children) were transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, while the remaining 1,589 children were expelled under Title 42. There have been many reports of children being held for days in hotels, without access to advocates or lawyers, before being expelled under Title 42. Many of these children have still not been located after being expelled.

Human Rights First reported: Thousands of vulnerable people have suffered violence, kidnapping, torture, and rape after being sent back to their countries under Title 42.

Title 42 is causing mass human rights abuses.

Under Title 42, there are roughly 6,000 people requesting asylum at the Texas border. By ending it, that number is expected to jump to 18,000. But it should be noted that the number isn’t going up because more people will be presenting themselves at a port of entry. The number will go up because the Border Patrol will stop turning asylum-seekers away without due process.

What are enhanced vehicle inspections?

Greg Abbott has ordered the Department of Public Safety to inspect every commercial vehicle heading north after crossing the ports of entry.

Here’s the thing, DPS can only conduct only mechanical inspections. DPS does not have any authority to inspect cargo or search for drugs and humans who might be smuggled. So, a truck could have 100 kilos of cocaine in the back, go through DPS inspection, and then drive off because DPS is only making sure the commercial vehicles are safe.

Each DPS inspection takes about 45 minutes, and they are inspecting EVERY vehicle driving through the ports of entry. These inspections are done after Border Patrol inspections.

Drivers have reported waiting up to 36-hours to cross over the border (a trip that usually only takes 3 hours). It is estimated that Abbott’s stunt is costing upwards of $100 million per day.

This stunt is hurting businesses and workers.

Commercial vehicle operators are stranded in long traffic lines, waiting to cross through the ports of entry without food, water, and access to restrooms. In addition, refrigerated trucks are running out of fuel, and their entire loads are being ruined.

Businesses have said that this stunt is destroying their companies, and talks about moving from Texas to New Mexico or Arizona have already begun.  There are roughly 6,000,000 American jobs that rely on the commerce that travels back and forth between Texas and Mexico each day.

Greg Abbott has shut down legitimate travel, traffic, and trade, which will hugely impact Texas and the American economy.

Truckers on the Mexican side of the border are blocking southbound traffic in protest.

18-wheelers have lined up on the road on the Mexican side of the border to stop commercial traffic from entering Mexico. This puts $440 billion in trade at risk.

Greg Abbott’s political theater has put all international trade through the Texas-Mexico at a standstill.

There is no border crisis; there has never been. It’s all been completely fabricated by Governor Abbott.

Abbott is intentionally making a bad situation for a political stunt to stay in power in November.

It’s time to vote Abbott out of office and elect someone who cares about Texas and will work on helping people instead of hurting them.

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