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Texas Democrats Are Nothing Like DC Democrats, And We Don’t Need Them.

While on the campaign trail, Beto has consistently told reporters that he isn’t there to talk about DC politics and the people of Texas will decide our future, our fortune, and our fate.

Beto is absolutely right! If you ever listen to Republicans in Texas, their attacks on Democrats usually are attacks on DC Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, or Biden. But, none of those Democrats are from Texas and in the mind of so many, there is no separation between Democrats in Texas and Democrats in DC. However, our Democrats, Texas Democrats, are nothing like the career politicians we see in DC.

Texas is in a different universe than the rest of America. They don’t get it because their world is so different than ours.

When Democrats in the Texas State House broke quorum and headed to DC to stop the terrible voter suppression bills from passing, that proved to the world that Texas Democrats were willing to stand up and fight for what’s right at all costs.

What other State Democrats have taken drastic measures like this to stop the voter suppression bills being pushed by Republican Legislators?

But, what did DC Democrats do when Texas Democrats were there begging for federal intervention?

They gave a half-assed effort to show they cared about voting rights. Over the seven months following the quorum break, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to bring voting rights to the floor three times, yet Joe Manchin and Krystin Sinema were obstacles each time.

DC Democrats Joe Manchin and Krystin Sinema blocked voting rights for Texans multiple times. These supposed Democrats did something to hurt Texas Democrats numerous times. Yet, the Senate Leader, another DC Democrat, failed to punish them for this.

Manchin is still the chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and he still sits on the Appropriations, Armed Services, and Veteran Affairs committees. Why? Why is a DC Democrat (if you can even call him a Democrat) working to hurt millions of Texans, go against the so-called will of the party, and not face any consequences?

Could it be that it’s because DC Democrats don’t give two-shits about what happens in Texas or to Texans?

Senator Sinema also maintains her committee positions, despite going against the party and the people of Texas.

The Democrats in DC have abandoned us on voting rights.

We have to face it; there will be no one coming to our rescue, we won’t see a cavalry riding in on white horses, our Constitutional rights don’t seem to matter to the Democrats outside of Texas. So we’re on our own. Although we’re facing extreme gerrymandering, decades of voter suppression, and the rise of domestic terrorism, Texans and Texas Democrats will have to band together to fight them on our own.

Last month, long-time Texas Democratic Party Chairman Hinojosa said that the National Party needs to invest in Texas. That would be great if they did, but Hinojosa has been begging for their support… groveling at their feet for the last decade, but what have they done?

In 2020, the National Democratic Party gave $25 million to Florida, $19 million to Pennsylvania, $16 million to Michigan, $14 million to North Carolina, $12 million to Georgia, $11 million to Arizona, $9 million to Wisconsin, $7 million to Iowa, and only $4 million to Texas.

How did that look in terms of electoral college votes?

  • Florida – 29
  • Pennsylvania – 20
  • Michigan – 16
  • North Carolina – 15
  • Georgia – 16
  • Arizona – 11
  • Wisconsin – 10
  • Iowa – 6
  • Texas – 38

The National Party gave Iowa a state much redder than Texas, almost twice as much as the Democratic Party in Texas. Why?

The population of Iowa is 3 million, and they don’t have any Democratic Senators and only one Democratic Congressperson. Their state legislature also has a Republican majority. Yet, the National Democratic Party saw Iowa as having or being more in need than the Texas Democratic Party.

In 2018 and 2016, the same thing. So even if Texas turns blue, it changes the presidential outcomes of all presidential elections. The National Party either doesn’t believe in us or doesn’t hold us in as high of importance compared to states like Iowa and Wisconsin.

Not to add that the National Party spent almost three times in Arizona what they spent in Texas, and Arizona Democrat Krystin Sinema did so much to hurt Texans.

The National Democratic Party doesn’t understand how important Texas is, and they don’t get the political dynamics in the Lone Star State.

Perhaps the National Party decided that Texas was a Republican stranglehold and wasn’t worth the effort to save. After each terrible thing the Republicans have done to Texans, the National Party shrugs their shoulders and says, “well, what are you going to do?”

What we’re going to do, what we need to do is beat Republicans without them. And until July, much of Texas will have to do it without the State Party, either.

The truth is, what the National Party fails to see is that the Texas Democratic Party lacks capable leadership to fight the Republicans are their ground. There is no disrespect to Gilberto Hinojosa and all he’s done for Texas, but it’s time for leadership who is bold and willing to roll up their sleeves, not grovel to the National Party.

Texas is the Republican front for all of America. First, the Texas GOP pushes their suppression and hate on Texans. Then other states follow their lead. Even in DC, the Republicans take their cues from Greg Abbott. Their narrative on the border, taxes, and Critical Race Theory in America has originated mainly from Abbott, Ted Cruz, Chip Roy, and other GOP Superstars.

While DC Democrats are fighting against this narrative, Texans have a front-row seat to the most extreme and worst of humanity.

We can win in 2022, and we can do it without them.

Every Texan running for office, grassroots organization, and volunteer needs to fight with that Texas grit that only Texans have.

Vote in every single election, vote in person, and make sure your friends and loved ones vote, too.

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