The Pink Purse Project And Helping Women Win In Texas

The Pink Purse Project And Helping Women Win In Texas

Late one evening in early 2022, Democratic activist Dawson Hicks and his friend Kim Olsen, a candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair, were on the phone chatting about women in politics. Dawson credits Kim for the idea, but he’s the one who has made it come to life. The pair discussed a pink dress Kim wore a few years back and how the color pink was empowering. Then, she told Dawson, “You should find a pink purse for every Democratic woman in Texas.”

And the Pink Purse Project was born.

With the latest attacks on women in Texas, Dawson has vowed to help more women in Texas, whether that’s just offering support or helping them get elected into office.

“It’s time for solidarity,” Dawson told me, “It’s time for women to have a seat at the table. I think Margret Thatcher was right. If you want something done, you have to ask a woman.”

To show his solidarity, Dawson promises a free pink purse to every woman in office in Texas.

25% of all proceeds from purchases will be donated to the Women Win PAC.

You can find the Official Pink Purse here.

What is the Women Win PAC?

The Women Win PAC is the PAC started by candidate Kim Olsen and is completely dedicated to helping more women get elected in Texas. It’s been far too long that Republican men have run the state of Texas, passing restrictions on women’s bodies. This PAC seeks to replace them all.

Dawson’s dream is to see a pink purse on the arm of every woman at the Democratic State Convention. He told me, “It’s time that people know that the Party of Anne Richards is back and we’re back in force. 2022 is the year that women take control and make things in Texas right.”

You can learn more about the Pink Purse Project here.

Dawson Hicks

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