Party Of Family Values Voted To Re-Elect Every Rep Who Had An Alleged Affair

Party Of Family Values Voted To Re-Elect Every Rep Who Had An Alleged Affair

The so-called “party of family values” shows themselves as hypocrites once again.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it; we don’t believe in slut-shaming, nor do we care about what people do in their bedrooms. It has nothing to do with us. With that being said, if elected officials work diligently to take away the rights of women and people of color all in the name of so-called “family values,” then putting their actual family values out on display is fair game.

(Side-note: Yesterday, I saw a TikTok from a gay man who said that we shouldn’t out anyone before they out themselves… EXCEPT for GOP officials who vote against LGBTQ rights. Let me know what y’all think about that because I know a secret or two about some GOP legislatures.)

Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner.

Probably the most well-known of these alleged affairs was House District 138 Rep Lacey Hull. Living Blue in Texas was the first to break this story, which was later picked up by right-wing media.

Lacey Hull allegedly had an affair with House District 05 Rep Cole Hefner during the 2020 election campaign cycle. Hull’s husband filed for divorce the day after the election, citing adulatory. Later, several personal text messages from Hull were leaked, not only confirming she was making the rounds, but they also contained hate speech. The most famous of Hull’s text messages were leaked to Barstool Sports detailing a specific sex act which Hull and Hefner engaged in.

Neither Hull nor Hefner has ever publicly addressed these allegations, but they both blocked me on Twitter when I asked them about it.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Check out this previously leaked photo of Hull and Hefner driving in his truck and holding hands.

However, their affair didn’t seem to matter to the so-called party of family values.

Lacey Hull had two primary opponents and won 64.5% of the vote. Cole Hefner had one primary opponent and won 81% of the vote.

Look at Hefner’s hat. He later posted a picture on his Facebook page wearing the same hat, seemingly confirming this picture with Hull was him.

The seventh of the ten commandments is “You shall not commit adulatory.” They probably just forgot that.

Brooks Landgraf.

Allegations regarding Brooks Landgraf’s affair with a staffer started swirling around only a few weeks ago. The Texas House District 81 race was one that Democrats shrugged their shoulders at. There aren’t any Democrats running in this district, and the choices for Republicans were Landgraf and Casey Gray, who showed up to Beto’s rally in Midland with guns to try and intimidate Beto voters. So, who cared who won between the two of them? Both were shit candidates with no morals.

Since Landgraf’s alleged affair not only was leaked to us but also several right-wing publications, he has gone radio-silent on Twitter. However, on Facebook over the last few weeks, he’s posted countless family pictures of him, his wife, and his daughter. Landgraf has not made any public statements about the allegations. He won against Gray with 80% of the vote.

The rumored affair between Shelby Slawson and Jared Patterson.

Near the end of the 87th regular session, staffers and Austin insiders began whispering about an alleged affair between Slawson and Patterson.

Then, last summer, a man was shopping around alleged pictures of the two of them cozied up in an Austin bar. I tried to get my hands on them, but he wouldn’t talk to me because Living Blue in Texas is a “liberal outlet.”

I reached out to both Patterson and Slawson regarding the rumor, resulting in them both blocking me on social media. So, I couldn’t confirm this rumor, but don’t be surprised if someone does later on down the road.

While the Patterson and Slawson allegations are less known because there haven’t been leaked text messages or pictures, as with the other incidents, both House candidates ran unopposed in the primary election and will be unopposed in the general election.

Honorable mention – Van Taylor.

The previous five Republicans mentioned were all Texas House members; Van Taylor, however, is was a sitting U.S. Congressman.

On March 1, as the election results were being announced, it looked like Van Taylor was facing a runoff with far-right nutcase Keith Self.

However, on March 2, news broke everywhere of Taylor’s alleged affair with an ISIS widow, causing him to admit to the affair, apologize to his family, and abruptly resign.

The Republican nominee in TX03, Keith Self, will face Sandeep Srivastava in the November election.

What the hell is wrong with Texas Republicans?

Sexual repression. They live in a world where they are expected to live and act in a certain way, women are supposed to be modest prudes who never open their legs, and the men are supposed to be dutiful husbands that devote themselves entirely to their families. These affairs are similar to teenagers who just discovered sex for the first time and can’t control themselves.

Party of family values?

Adulatory is not a family value, but Republican voters continue to cast their votes for the morally reprehensible because it isn’t about family values. Instead, their votes are for oppression and hate, and voting to re-elect this bunch only proves it.

November will be here before you know it. So make a plan and make sure you vote all of them out.

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