The GOP Called Ketanji Brown Jackson “Critical Race Theory.”

The GOP Called Ketanji Brown Jackson “Critical Race Theory.”

The GOP is no longer trying to hide their racism and is attacking an accomplished Black woman for her skin color.

Do you remember when the Republicans were screaming at the top of their lungs about how Black history was “Critical Race Theory,” and we had to ban it from schools because they were afraid it would make their white children feel bad?

They’ve evolved their position. Now they are calling Black people “Critical Race Theory.”

Yesterday, they posted this gif on Twitter which scratched out KBJ (Ketanji Brown Jackson’s initials) and wrote CRT underneath.

This is concrete proof that the Republican Party’s Critical Race Theory hysteria is about demonizing Black people.

This is racist. Period.

The GOP is no longer a political party but a white supremacist movement.

The GOP hasn’t been the Party of Lincoln since the Southern Strategy. This is not what a post-racial America looks like.

While the GOP was posting this racist garbage on Twitter yesterday, a Republican Senator from Indiana spoke about overturning the 1967 landmark Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia, which legalized interracial marriage nationwide.

And in the Senate Confirmation Hearing, Ted Cruz grilled Ketanji Brown Jackson on her position about “Critical Race Theory,” expecting her to denounce it.

Considering that Cruz’s political party calls the incoming Supreme Court Justice “Critical Race Theory,” Ted Cruz was asking her to denounce herself.

At one point Cruz, a sitting senator of the United States, asked with a straight face, “Are babies racist?”

Let’s not forget that during the Trump regime, Ted Cruz voted to confirm federal court nominees and a Supreme Court nominee, who refused to affirm the SCOTUS case of Brown V. Board.


Remember, voting is just like driving. Choose ‘R’ to go backward and ‘D’ to go forward.

Vote in every single election, vote early, and vote in person.

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