At Christian Nationalist Event, Matt Schaefer Preaches Hate And Violence

At Christian Nationalist Event, Matt Schaefer Preaches Hate And Violence

Schaefer calls all non-Christians “wicked,” saying God ordains the government, and government can use lethal force against the unrighteous.

Living in the bible belt, most of us have heard and seen our fair share of religious zealots, but Matt Schafer’s speech at a “Christians Engaged” conference may be one of the most unhinged speeches you’ve ever witnessed.

Here is the highlight real, but if you want to see the entire speech, you can find it here. It’s about 14 minutes long, but I’ll briefly summarize the point that Schaefer was trying to make. Anyone who is not an Evangelical Christian is wrong, and God will curse them and punish them. He asserts that God ordains elected officials, God created government, and it’s the government’s job to punish the wicked.

Is Matt Schaefer a religious bigot, and do the voters of HD6 care?

Obviously, Schaefer is a religious bigot. You’re a religious bigot when you call people of other faiths who believe differently than you, “wicked.” Everything that Schaefer said in this speech went directly against the Constitution of the United States of America.

HD6 is in Smith County, 73% of people in this county identify as religious, and nearly 40% belong to Evangelical faiths. So, the question is, does the other 60% of Smith County care enough about their neighbors and the future of America to vote out a bigot who talks about using lethal force against non-Christians.

It’s Republicans like Schaefer who have been pushing the culture wars and splitting this country apart with their hate. Because as we all know, Jesus would have never been a Republican.

Matt Schafer’s voting record proves he has neither morality or righteousness.

Like in 2013, he voted against expanding access to service dogs for veterans. Or when he voted against feeding breakfast to low-income children. In 2016, he co-sponsored a bill that refused contracts with companies that took a stance of anti-imperialism.

And just like Republican Jesus, Schaefer voted against a bill that would keep crime low and reduce incidents of human trafficking. He voted against helping women suffering from post-partum depression, is a huge contributor to the current CPS crisis, and raised all of our taxes to indoctrinate low-income mothers.

Matt Schaefer is pro-cyberbullying, anti-First Amendment, racist, and pro-murder.

It doesn’t matter what Schaefer tells his constituents or even himself; his voting record alone proves that he has worked hard to hurt people in Texas. His positions are immoral.

It’s time to vote him out.

Most Texans are tired of Republicans running our state into the ground. Unfortunately, as long as Matt Schaefer is in office, Smith County will continue to have high poverty ratespoor infrastructure, and be elbows deep in corruption.

During the last decade, Schaefer was in office, and he hasn’t done anything to help improve the lives of his constituents. It’s time for a change, and it’s time for Schaefer to go.

In November, vote. Vote early and vote in person.

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