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Who Will Win The Texas House? All of Living Blue In Texas’ Predictions.

To see the various analysis we did to come to these conclusions, see:

The district affiliation is what the district might be in November. However, the “probably Democrat” or “probably Republican” districts are only a few points blue or red. Those districts can be flipped, in fact, I’m predicting several “probably Republican” districts will be flipped, but it’s all based on the opposition’s campaign, how hard they work to get out the vote and run an amazing race.

Here is how the district affiliation breaks down:

Below is Living Blue in Texas’ predictions for who will win both Republican and Democratic primaries. If it says “??,” that means we haven’t made a prediction on that race. Not yet, anyway. We will be doing more analysis over the next week, leading up to election day. Let’s turn Texas blue!

Republican PrimaryDemocratic PrimaryDistrict Affiliation
HD1Gary VanDeaverN/ASafe Republican
HD2Bryan SlatonN/ASafe Republican
HD3Cecil Bell Jr. N/ASafe Republican
HD4Keith Bell (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD5Cole HefnerN/ASafe Republican
HD6Matt SchaeferCody GraceLikely Republican
HD7Jay Dean (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD8Cody Harris (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD9Trent AshbyJason RogersLikely Republican
HD10Brian Harrison (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD11??N/ASafe Republican
HD12Kyle KacalN/ASafe Republican
HD13Dennis WilsonCedrick Davis Sr.Probably Republican
HD14John Harvey SlocumN/ASafe Republican
HD15??Kristin JohnsonProbably Republican
HD16Will Metcalf (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD17??Madeline EdenProbably Republican
HD18Ernest BailesN/ASafe Republican
HD19??Pam BaggettLikely Republican
HD20Terry WilsonRaul CamachoLikely Republican
HD21Dade Phelan (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD22Jacorian RandleJoseph Paul TrahanLikely Democrat
HD23??Keith HenryProbably Republican
HD24Greg BonnenMichael CreedonLikely Republican
HD25Cody Vasut (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD26Jacey JettonLawrence Allen Jr. Toss-Up
HD27Sohrab GilaniRon ReynoldsLikely Democrat
HD28Gary GatesNelvin AdriaticoLikely Republican
HD29Ed Thompson (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD30Geanie Morrison (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD31??Martha GutierrezToss-Up
HD32Todd Hunter (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD33Justin HollandGraeson LynskyProbably Republican
HD34Carolyn VaughnAbel HerreroLikely Democrat
HD35Oscar RosaOscar LongoriaLikely Democrat
HD36N/ASergio Munoz Jr. (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD37George Rivera??Likely Democrat
HD38N/AJonathan GraciaSafe Democrat
HD39Jimmie GarciaArmando “Mando” MartinezLikely Democrat
HD40N/ATerry Canales (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD41John Robert GuerraBobby GuerraLikely Democrat
HD42Joe Brennan??Likely Democrat
HD43J. M. Lozano (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD44John KuempelRobert BohmfalkLikely Republican
HD45Michelle LopezErin ZwienerProbably Democrat
HD46Sam StrasserSheryl ColeLikely Democrat
HD47Rob McCarthyVikki GoodwinProbably Democrat
HD48N/ADonna Howard (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD49Katherine GriffenGina HinojosaLikely Democrat
HD50Victor JohnsonJames TalaricoLikely Democrat
HD51Robert Reynolds??Likely Democrat
HD52??Luis EchegarayProbably Republican
HD53Andrew MurrJoe HerreraLikely Republican
HD54Brad BuckleyJonathan HildnerProbably Republican
HD55Hugh ShineTristian SandersProbably Republican
HD56Charles “Doc” AndersonErin ShankLikely Republican
HD57Richard HayesN/ASafe Republican
HD58DeWayne Burns (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD59Shelby Slawson (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD60??N/ASafe Republican
HD61Fredrick FrazierSheena KingProbably Republican
HD62Reggie SmithN/ASafe Republican
HD63??Denise WootenProbably Republican
HD64??N/ASafe Republican
HD65Kronda ThimeschBrittney VerdellProbably Republican
HD66Matt SheehanJesse RingnessProbably Republican
HD67Jeff LeachKevin MorrisProbably Republican
HD68David SpillerN/ASafe Republican
HD69James FrankWalter CoppageLikely Republican
HD70????Likely Democrat
HD71Stan LambertLinda GoolsbeeLikely Republican
HD72Drew Darby (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD73??Justin CalhounProbably Republican
HD74Katherine ParkerEddie Morales Jr. Likely Democrat
HD75N/AMary GonzalezSafe Democrat
HD76Dan Mathews??Likely Democrat
HD77N/ALina Ortega (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD78N/AJoe Moody (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD79N/ACladia Ordaz PerezSafe Democrat
HD80N/ATracy King (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD81Brooks LandgrafN/ASafe Republican
HD82Tom Craddick (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD83??N/ASafe Republican
HD84Carl TepperN/ASafe Republican
HD85Larry Baggett??Probably Republican
HD86John Smithee (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD87Four Price (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD88Ken KingN/ASafe Republican
HD89Candy Noble (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD90N/ARamon Ramero Jr. (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD91??N/ASafe Republican
HD92Joe Livingston??Likely Democrat
HD93??KC ChowdhuryProbably Democrat
HD94Tony TinderholtDennis SherrardToss-Up
HD95Taylor MondickNicole CollierLikely Democrat
HD96David Cook (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD97Craig GoldmanChris RectorLikely Republican
HD98??Shannon ElkinsLikely Republican
HD99Charles GerenMimi CoffeyProbably Republican
HD100N/ADaniel Davis ClaytonSafe Democrat
HD101N/AChris Turner (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD102Susan FischerAna-Marie RamosLikely Democrat
HD103N/ARafael Anchia (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD104N/AJessica Gonzalez (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD105Gerson HernandezTerry MezaProbably Democrat
HD106Jared Patterson (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD107N/AVictoria Neave (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD108Morgan Meyers??Toss-Up
HD109N/ACarl Sherman (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD110N/AToni Rose (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD111Benny Flores YrigollenYvonne DavisLikely Democrat
HD112Angie ButtonElva CurlToss-Up
HD113N/AUduak NkangaSafe Democrat
HD114Mark Hajdu??Likely Democrat
HD115Melisa DenisJulie JohnsonLikely Democrat
HD116N/ATrey Martinez Fischer (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD117Aaron SchwopePhillip CortezLikely Democrat
HD118John LujanFrank RamirezProbably Democrat
HD119N/ALiz Campos (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD120Ronald PayneBarbara Gervin-HawkinsLikely Democrat
HD121Steve Allison??Probably Republican
HD122Mark DorazioAngi AramburuProbably Republican
HD123Charlotte ValdezDiego BernalLikely Democrat
HD124Johnny Arredondo??Likely Democrat
HD125Carlos Antonio RaymondRay LopezLikely Democrat
HD126Sam Harless (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD127Charles CunninghamN/ASafe Republican
HD128Briscoe CainChuck CrewsToss-Up
HD129Dennis PaulKat MarvelLikely Republican
HD130Tom Oliverson (unopposed)N/ASafe Republican
HD131Gerry MonroeAlma AllenLikely Democrat
HD132Mike SchofieldChase WestToss-Up
HD133Greg TravisMohamad MaaroufProbably Republican
HD134??Ann JohnsonLikely Democrat
HD135??Jon RosenthalLikely Democrat
HD136Michelle EvansJohn BucyLikely Democrat
HD137N/AGene Wu (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD138Josh FlynnStephanie MoralesToss-Up
HD139N/AJarvis Johnson (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD140N/AArmando Lucio Walle (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD141N/ASenfronia Thompson (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD142Richard Varner??Likely Democrat
HD143N/AAna Hernandez (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD144N/AMary Ann Perez (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD145Michael MarbyChristina MoralesLikely Democrat
HD146N/AShawn Nicole Thierry (unopposed)Safe Democrat
HD147????Likely Democrat
HD148Kay SmithPenny Morales ShawLikely Democrat
HD149Lily TroungHuberto VoLikely Democrat
HD150??Ginny Brown DanielProbably Republican

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