Living Blue In Texas Endorses Eugene Howard For Congressional District 14

Living Blue In Texas Endorses Eugene Howard For Congressional District 14

Eugene Howard has the passion and drive to transform TX14 and make the lives of the people who live there better.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Eugene Howard speak, you need to. I had my first conversation with him at the end of December for the Meet the Candidate series, and by the end of our conversation, I had chills.

My advice, which I gave Eugene last week, is to get in front of as many people as he can in TX14. If people hear him speak, they will see his passion, know he’s a great candidate who will put in the work for his district, and make changes in his community.

Eugene Howard is the current president of Brazoria County NAACP and is determined to make this world a more equitable place. He’s a seventh-generation Texan whose family has been in the area for over 100 years.

As the Brazoria County NAACP president and an activist, Eugene was frequently going to lawmakers, asking them to make better laws that would help his community, sometimes being denied, even when the current laws were unjust. He told me that was why he was running for Congress, to help fix a system that has been broken for a long time.

Eugene Howard is passionate about education.

Not only does he have experience as a special-ed educator, but his wife is also a teacher. So he has seen first hand the inequality in America’s education. He believes that teachers are underpaid and overworked, and students often suffer because of it.

Eugene’s passion for education shone through again when he was a guest on Blue Talk Texas.

We all can appreciate that conversation his total honesty about some of the current obstacles education in Texas is facing. Critical Race Theory is a dog whistle, teachers also have to worry about students with firearms, and equal representation isn’t presented to Texas children.

These are all facts.

Living Blue in Texas has written about each of these points previously, and I think Eugene recognizes the problems, but more so, has solutions.

Environmental justice and medical justice.

Just like so many other Texans, I’m not only concerned about the environment but also alarmed at knowing how many people are getting cancer and dying in our state due to decades of environmental injustice.

In Congressional District 14, Port Arthur holds the most significant cancer cluster in Texas. Not only are Port Arthur residents dying at an unfathomable rate due to the oil refineries poisoning them for decades, but many of their cancer-related deaths are also due to a lack of access to healthcare.

The incumbent, Randy Weber, has consistently voted on bills that further kill his constituents in these cancer clusters. And for Eugene Howard, that’s not ok.

Eugene has vowed to be a fighter in Congress who will take bold action to help the people who have been ignored and tossed to the side for a long time because they’re Black or they’re poor. We need that fighting spirit in America, and we need that fighting spirit in Congress, which is why we believe that Eugene Howard is the best candidate for TX14.

He knows that his district also needs access to healthcare, which he promises to fight for when elected.

“As long as I have breath in my body, I’ll teach this to my kids, my grandkids, and families across this country: We have to stand up NOW, because if we let them continue rolling over us, we’re going to continue to have more generational diseases.”

Eugene Howard

Eugene Howard’s platform is based on jobs and justice.

Eugene plans to bring economic freedom and access to capital to TX14. He wants to get subsidies to small businesses, raise the minimum wage, and help build the economy from the bottom up.

Eugene is passionate about education, the environment, and medical justice. He plans to also focus on economic justice, criminal justice, and political justice. These are all areas that can make the lives of TX14 residents better.

For all of these reasons, Living Blue in Texas is endorsing Eugene Howard for Congressional District 14.

You can find Eugene Howard on his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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