Domestic Terrorists In Office, Their Flunkies, And The Violent Targeting Of Democrats

Domestic Terrorists In Office, Their Flunkies, And The Violent Targeting Of Democrats

Over the last week, in Midland and Denton, Republicans running for office and Republican voters, at the command of elected officials, targeted Democrats and Beto for violent confrontations.

Days after the National Republican Party called an insurrection “legitimate political discourse,” would-be domestic terrorists in Texas came out of the woodwork. Just like the January 6 insurrection, the radical extremists this last weekend were encouraged by elected officials, and Republicans running for office participated in intimidation and terrorist-like behavior.

On Sunday, February 6, Beto O’Rourke planned a rally in Denton. Leading up to the rally, Texas House Representative Jared Patterson posted threats on Twitter, saying that he would “defend Denton” from Beto wanting to make sure everyone had continuously running electricity. The deplorables heard Patterson’s call to action, and they answered.

Well, not just the deplorables, but also the Denton County Republican Party. Of course, depending on who you ask, they’re all one and the same.

The video above occurred immediately before the rally when local journalist and activist Jessica Luther Rummel tried to document these people gathering before they planned on harassing and disrupting Beto’s rally.

Republican violence.

Anyone who has been paying attention in Texas over the last two years can tell you that the behavior of these people is far from new. If it weren’t for activists like Jessica, much of what they were doing would happen in the dark. Thankfully, there are enough people in Texas shining a light on their bad behavior.

These would-be terrorists were gathering in a parking lot nearby before the event. The parking lot is a public space.

Jessica was assaulted and threatened by far-right extremists.

Jessica was documenting them as it is her first amendment right. However, she didn’t engage them. Instead, they confronted her, upset that she recorded their bad behavior. Almost immediately upon arrival, the group of about 20 became aggressive and violent towards Jessica.

The first man, who hasn’t been identified yet, got in Jessica’s face, hit her camera, and pushed her back, demanding that she not use her first amendment rights in a public space.

All the while, the rest of the crowd stood by, some shouting at Jessica, others just spectating their friends acting violently towards a lone woman in a parking lot.

They were very concerned about Jessica getting their license plates.

The stupidity of these people comes out later at the Beto rally. Still, their willingness to commit assaults and make death threats on camera while showing their faces and hiding their license plates only proves there wasn’t one intellect among them.

The first woman who got in a tizzy about her license plate apparently doesn’t realize that her face is as identifiable as her license plate.

What information did she think we would find out about her from her license plate and not her smiling face on camera? Who knows.

That’s when a man in an orange shirt that said “Fire Abbott, Hire Huffines” approached Jessica and said, “If you film my truck, I’ll hunt you down and fucking kill you.”

Jessica responded, “Oh? What’s your name?”

To which he said, “my name is none of your fucking business bitch.”

A few of the onlookers chimed in, then the man in the orange shirt repeated his intentions, “If you film my license plate, I’ll fucking shoot you in the head.”

This man has now been identified as John Fournace of Dallas. Fournace is a self-described “nationalist” and has a history of harassing Democrats going back to 2014.

Jessica never caught Fournace’s license plate on video.

These people were angry and unhinged.

Soon after Fournace threatened to shoot Jessica in the head, an incredibly angry and unhinged woman who hadn’t been identified yet approached Jessica, screaming at the top of her lungs.

The woman pointed in Jessica’s face and yelled, “Do you want the illegals to come in here and slaughter our children? Because I’m an angle-mother, an illegal came over and drowned my 3-year old boy.”

Does that make any sense to anyone? Maybe it isn’t a made-up story, but I looked through the last 10-years of news articles in Texas and couldn’t find any incidents that matched what she claimed. And how did a so-called “illegal” have access to her 3-year old? She wasn’t watching him, or it was someone she trusted? Which wouldn’t make a difference whether said person was undocumented or not. There are bad people in this world, period. Who knows what the real situation was or if it was even true, though it sounds made up.

The angry woman accused Jessica of being a Democrat, to which Jessica responded that she wasn’t. That’s when the license plate woman came over and chimed in, “She’s a communist.”

That sent the angry woman off of the deep end. She started yelling, “Go to Venezuela! Go to Venezuela!”

And that’s how stupid these people were. They say things like go to Venezuela but have no clue about Venezuela’s politics or history.
For further reading:

For further reading:

The first man. Do you recognize him?
License plate woman. Do you recognize her?
John Fournace of Dallas.
Angry woman. Do you recognize her?

Then, the angry woman threatened Jessica in the name of Jesus.

The words she said put in perfect perspective the depravity of the modern-day Republican Party. She said, “I’ll show you what a true fucking Christian can do to a commie.”

It was a threat of violence in the name of her Christianity, which is nothing like the Christianity that most Americans know of loving thy neighbor. The far-right perverted the word of God to mean hate and violence. Those of you who are religious may agree that God isn’t leading them.

Jessica walked away, and as soon as her back was turned, the dark-haired woman in the plaid jacket assaulted her.

The violent woman, who has yet to be identified, and John Fournace assaulted Jessica. The woman knocked the camera out of her hand and kicked her as she tried to pick it up. Fournace bunched Jessica in the head and repeatedly stomped on her equipment.

Luckily, Jessica made it out of the situation alive. However, she had a dislocated finger, several broken fingernails, and a splitting headache from being punched in the head.

The violent woman also assaulted another person at the Beto event, a Beto supporter, she kicked him in the shin.

Video captured by the Flutternater. Seen here.

According to the FBI, the definition of a domestic terrorist is: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

These people are domestic terrorists, by definition.

They have shown themselves to be violent, unhinged, and angry on the video.

Violent women. Do you recognize her?
Violent woman. Do you recognize her?

And they’re stupid enough to hurt other people based on racism or the lies they hear from Fox and OAN.

They’re so dumb that while they were at the Beto event, they were shouting “fire Abbott.” And of course, the Beto supporters nearby looked at them like, “duh.” (Much of this can be seen on the Flutternater’s video here.)

The rest of the time, they were chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon.” At the Beto event. As in the code that Republicans use for, “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Does that make any sense at all?

Even Beto cracked a joke about how stupid these people were.

They’re all going to laugh at you.

While it’s fun to laugh at the stupidity of these people, we also need to be aware of how dangerous they are and how they are tied into elected officials and encouraged by elected officials.

Elected Texas Republicans are elbows deep in domestic terrorism.

Not only did Representative Jared Patterson put out a call to action from these people to show up and harass and intimidate Denton residents, Denton political insiders tell me that this crew are regular Patterson supporters and are allegedly in his inner circle.

So, Jared Patterson knew that these people were violent and unhinged, and he sicced them on Beto’s event to “defend Denton,” knowing they would likely go out there to hurt people.

The organizer or ring-leader of this crew is Jeff Hauk, (seen to the right in a gray hat). Hauk has publicly proclaimed that Democrats are the enemy.

Because access to healthcare is so bad?

After Patterson sicced this violent mob on Beto’s event, Representative Jeff Leach told him, “I’m proud of you.”

WTF, Leach?

He’s proud that another elected official encouraged violence against neighbors in the name of… keeping the electricity on?

Jared Patterson and Jeff Leach are not the only elected officials these domestic terrorists have ties with.

These people also have ties with Congressman Pat Fallon (shocker) and Kronda Thimesch who is running for the Texas House in Michelle Beckley’s old seat.

The Republican Party is no longer a political party but a domestic terrorist organization aimed at hurting, disrupting, intimidating, and harassing because Fox News told them to hate their neighbors.

Neither Jared Patterson nor Jeff Leach showed up to the Beto event. Although nearly 500 people in Denton County showed up to hear him speak, less than two dozen aggressors came to disrupt him.

As terrible as these people are and as awful as the optics of this incident were, unfortunately, it wasn’t the only time a domestic terrorist targeted a Beto rally this last weekend.

Friday, February 4, in Midland.

Casey Gray is the tiny little man next to the giant sign you see in the picture below.

Jeff Hauk and John Fournace.

Casey Gray is running for the Texas House and attempting to primary Brooks Landgraf. Gray has a history of domestic violence and has boasted about being at the January 6 Insurrection. But, thanks to Greg Abbott’s weak gun laws, political candidates can threaten to harm or kill anyone they disagree with. And that’s just what Casey Gray did.

He heard that Beto was coming to Midland, and he stood outside of the event with his long gun and a sign that said, “come take it.” What planet do these people live on to think this is typical or acceptable behavior?

Again, according to the FBI, the definition of a domestic terrorist is: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Why are domestic terrorists targeting Beto events?

Because Ken Paxton said that Trump would have lost Texas if he hadn’t blocked mail-in voting. Because people of color drove 95% of our population growth in Texas. And because every election cycle, we get closer and closer to flipping the state.

They have to gerrymander to win, they have to stop people from voting to win, and they’re trying to intimidate and commit violence against their neighbors to win.

If everyone shows up to the polls in November, we can elect sensible politicians that will enact laws that will keep people safe from the domestic terrorists in our state that have been allowed to grow and fester for way too long.

Everything is at stake.

If you don’t vote, these people win, and they will continue to terrorize everyone that looks and thinks differently than them. While this time it wasn’t you or someone you love, the next time it could be.

Make a plan. VOTE.

Update: The license plate woman was initially identified as Jen America, reached out to us, and confirmed that she was not at the Beto rally, and the identification was a mistake.

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