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Sex-Crazed Republicans? Third TX House Member Caught In Alleged Sex Scandal

Sexually repressed Republicans in the Texas House have been busy this year. When they aren’t taking away your rights or pocketing big oil money, they appear to have nothing else to do than screw each other’s brains out.

In 2020, Living Blue in Texas was the first to publish the details of Representative Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner’s sordid love affair. Since then, we’ve gotten tips regarding another affair involving two other House members, neither of which were Brooks Landgraf. But over the last few days, an obscure Twitter account called @PermianDickDeal began dropping hints of possessing proof of an alleged affair involving Republican members of the Texas House.

Then today, the alt-right publication Current Revolt published the proof. Now, y’all know, I usually wouldn’t give you a link to far-right garbage, but the evidence they published was too jaw-dropping and scandalous not to tell you about.

Why does it matter?

When we published the details of Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner’s passionate summer of love, some of our readers got upset. Who cares what they do in their bedrooms? We care about policy, not about lawmakers pegging each other while married. Consenting adults can get freaky and cheat on their spouses if they want. It ain’t none of our business.

Typically, I agree. Slut shaming is for prudes.

However, it’s different when it’s Republican lawmakers. Here’s why:

While doing all of that, they are committing a sin that is actually one of the ten commandments, “You shall not commit adultery.”

Not only is it hypocritical, but it proves that Republicans don’t have family values. Instead, they just want to take away the rights of every non-white, non-man, non-cis person in Texas.

The details of Brooks Landgraf’s alleged affair.

Again, the Current Revolt is far-right, so, fair warning. They’ve published text messages and pictures of the alleged affair with one of Brooks’ staffers. This includes photos of Brooks, blurred nudity, and screenshots of text messages that would make a porn star blush.

Brooks is married with one child.

It’s time to vote every Republican in Texas out of office. They care more about getting their freak on than they care about actual Texans.

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