Abbott Pledges To Destroy 411,000 Tarrant County Residents; Spouts Racist Rhetoric

Abbott Pledges To Destroy 411,000 Tarrant County Residents; Spouts Racist Rhetoric

This hate-event was hosted at the Fort Worth Zoo, a supposed “family-friendly” place. 

Today, Governor Greg Abbott held a campaign event at the Fort Worth Zoo. Not only was his location offensive, but the words that came from that stage were equally as abhorrent. 

Retiring Senator Jane Nelson introduced him to the stage with a slew of lies. Those lies include:

  • Some Democratic Texas politics embrace defunding the police, open borders, and trampling constitutional rights.
  • Abbott has worked hard to build a healthier, safer, free, and a more prosperous future for all Texans.

Jane Nelson was a bootlicker in the State Senate and she’s a bootlicker now. Good riddance to this small-minded person.

Finally, Abbott took the stage and one of the first things he said was, “We’re going to destroy the Democrats in Tarrant County.”

Excuse me?

As a voting Democrat and long-time resident of Tarrant County, what do you mean, you’re going to destroy me? In 2020, over 411,000 people in Tarrant County voted for Joe Biden. Tarrant County flipped blue. Now Greg Abbott is vowing to destroy each and every one of them. 

How will he do that? 

He’ll make sure they don’t have access to vote, he’ll continue to raise property taxes, as he has done for the last 20 years, he’ll block local ordinances like water breaks for construction workers and raising them minimum wage, and he’ll use violent rhetoric against our community; like he did with the El Paso Walmart massacre

Make no mistake, this is violent rhetoric, which shows the depth of Abbott’s hatred and corrupt “stop at nothing” attitude. He is pitting neighbor against neighbor. And as we have seen over the last few years, this leads to violence against us from the far right. 

Abbott says he’s going to win by showing the contrast of values he stands for in comparison to the Democrats. 

Under Abbott’s “value system:”

  • Texas’ property and sales taxes are higher than almost any state in the nation.
  • 1.4 million Texas children are living in poverty.
  • Texas ranks the 50st state in child health care.
  • There are 27,000 houseless Texans, even after Texas reinstated vagrancy laws.
  • The cost of living in Texas is 3x higher than the minimum wage, yet, republicans refuse to raise it.
  • There are over 6 million uninsured people in Texas. 
  • And the average lifespan in Texas is much lower than the national average.

(And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.)

Under Abbott’s “value system,” millions have suffered.

But as Abbott’s speech continued, he bragged about our GDP and its economy, ignoring how Texas’ economy doesn’t work for everyone, but only those at the top. 

He told the audience, “we’re not running against Democrats anymore. Now, we’re running against socialists who want to destroy America.

And so, when we look at the rise of Republican violence, we need to be clear that people like Greg Abbott are spreading the rhetoric that is driving division, hate, and violence in our country.

That’s when he pulled a pointy white hat out of his pocket and put it in his head.

He went on a rant about “critical race theory.” It’s been discussed and repeated enough that we all know CRT isn’t being taught in schools. Those against CRT are against teaching accurate American history about white supremacy. 

People who uphold this anti-CRT ideology are racists, like the racist school board member in Harris County that got so much attention this last week for his racist comments.

Abbott thinks that if we teach children the history of America, that’s rewriting our history.

Abbott accused democrats of dividing people by race and pitting them against each other. But, of course, his all-white audience ate it up. They cheered and applauded, each one of them thinking about how Republicans need to stay in power to maintain white supremacy.

Then, as all racists do, Abbott quoted Martin Luther King Jr., And the pale audience loved it.

He blamed Democrats for the murder rate in Texas cities.

Then, he lied about the “border crisis,” AGAIN, playing into the crowd’s racism, and blamed Biden for immigrants coming to America. It’ll baffle me how much North Texas Republicans seem to be concerned about the border when it’s a billion miles away and has no impact on our lives. Perhaps, it is about racism.

And as you know, no racist Republican speech would be complete with him bragging about how orange his lips are from constantly kissing Trump’s ass.

Abbott then attacked Beto, the audience booed. He said Beto wanted to disenfranchise first amendment rights. 

Um, what? 

This entire event took place at the Fort Worth Zoo. I have taken my family to this zoo more times than I can count. Who approved this? Why would they approve it?

This was a divisive hate event, and the Fort Worth Zoo has a responsibility to put out a statement separating itself from this rhetoric.

You can and should call them and let them know. Their number is 817-759-7555.

And if the operator tries to send you to guest services, demand you speak to the administration office. 

And until the Fort Worth Zoo puts out a statement condemning this event that took place at their facility, I will be spending my money at the Dallas Zoo, which is only a 30-minute drive away. I suggest you do the same.

Texas Republicans have taken a hard-right turn. This last legislative session is only a tiny peek of how bad it can get. Make sure you vote, but that’s not good enough. Make sure your friends and family are all registered and make it to the polls on Election Day (or during early voting).

It can get worse and it will get worse if they win again.


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