Insurrectionists Running For Political Office Is A Repeat Of History

Insurrectionists Running For Political Office Is A Repeat Of History

After the Civil War, traitorous Confederates were pardoned, allowed to return to the South, and held political office for decades.

In present times, when many of us learned about how the Confederates were pardoned after the Civil War, it’s easy for us to connect the dots between that and Jim Crow. After the Confederates were pardoned, many of them returned to their homes in the South, taking positions in state and local governments. They shaped and molded the Southern culture, much of the repercussions we are still dealing with today.

Ever since January 6, it’s become increasingly obvious that history is repeating itself. No one who participated in the insurrection has been charged with sedition or treason. The elected officials that encouraged and egged it on have not had any consequences. Now, in North Texas, one domestic terrorist is running for office (as a Republican, of course).

The clip on your right was seen on Twitter, but I’m not sure what paper it came from, or else, I’d give you a link. Regardless, traitors to democracy are running for office in Texas.

Mark Middleton, GOP candidate for HD68 participated in the January 6 insurrection.

There’s nothing surprising on his social media. Another Republican full of hate, lies, and oppression.

There is no integrity left in the Republican party; they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Middleton even brags about being a far-right extremist.

So, what happens if Mark Middleton or any other insurrectionist is elected to office? Do you think this last legislative session was bad? It will get worse. It can get worse.

These people are the ones who were willing to overturn democracy for one of the most corrupt men ever sitting in the Oval Office. They don’t care about the truth or common decency; like their orange leader, they are driven by an agenda of fear and hate.

When you are watching TV, talking heads say that Democracy is in peril. It isn’t hyperbole. The far-right hate you, and they want to take away all of your constitutional rights (except the second amendment). Now that abortions are gone? They’ll ban birth control next. Constitutional carry? Next, they’ll remove the age limits. Book burning? Do you think it’s beyond them to ban women from learning how to read?

HD68 is gerrymandered deep red.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still try. You have to vote, you have to make sure everyone you know votes, and we have to stop these people from getting in office.

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