The Dumbest Man Ever Elected In Texas Mulling Run For Attorney General

The Dumbest Man Ever Elected In Texas Mulling Run For Attorney General

No, not George W. Bush. Not Rick Perry, either. Nope, we’re talking about the man who recently suggested altering the moon’s orbit to fight climate change.

Why not? Even though Congressman Gohmert has been implicated as one of the congresspeople heavily involved in planning and carrying out the January 6 insurrection, there has been no accountability at all. Of course, under the 14th amendment, Gohmert should be banned for life from ever again holding political office.

Why hasn’t he been held accountable? Why haven’t any of them been held accountable?

Yesterday, Gohmert held a press conference, which included talking about overturning democracy on January 6 and how Ken Paxton didn’t do well enough with his lawsuit to overturn the election.

Last week, when Gohmert was outed in planning the insurrection, he denied the insurrection ever even took place. Why? According to him, it’s because no one has been charged with “insurrection.”

That’s what happens when Constitution-hating Conservatives flood the federal courts with Conservative judges.

In July, at CPAC, Gohmert called January 6 a left-wing conspiracy. That was a different tale than he told in June, when he suggested that Federal Agents were behind January 6. Then, in May, he was calling the insurrectionists “tourists.”

Let’s remember, in the days leading up to January 6, Gohmert went on TV and encouraged violence on the day the electoral votes were counted. But, on January 6, he told the media violence wasn’t the answer.

Do you know who changes their stories a lot? Liars and people who have something to hide.

Of course, Louie Gohmert doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the AG’s office.

The only people in Texas that like Louie Gohmert is the hillbillies in the backwoods of East Texas that elect him time and time again. That’s not a shot at East Texas, (there are a lot of great people in East Texas), it’s a shot at the people familiar with this man and still vote for him.

Altering the moon’s orbit isn’t even by far the dumbest thing he’s ever said. Of course, there was that thing about the threat of gay space colonies, that time he said that Alaskan caribou go to dates at oil pipelines, and let’s not forget when he called babies born to Muslims, “terror babies.”

From trying to repeal the 17th amendment to a complete denial of the Establishment Clause, Gohmert’s time in office has been just as terrible as the things that frequently come out of his mouth.

Which makes you wonder, what would he do if elected Attorney General?

Republicans will lose the AG seat and every other statewide election in 2022.

They’re outnumbered, and voters are too pissed off at what they’ve done to our state. That being said, don’t forget to vote.

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