Inside The Dallas QEvent

Inside The Dallas QEvent

Local live streamer mingled in with the QAnon crowd and captured multiple conversations on video.

Local live streamer, the Flutternater, showed up at the QEvent yesterday at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. He mingled with the crowd and sparked up several conversations. The people at Dealey Plaza yesterday were deranged, and they drove from all over the country to be in Dallas yesterday.

Flutternater, who can be found on YouTube or Twitch, asked almost everyone he spoke with where they were from. Louisiana, North Carolina, Wyoming, Nebraska, Florida, California… None from Texas.


As someone born in Dallas and lived in the Dallas area my entire life, I’m unsettled that these looneys descended on my town for their QEvent, but at least they spent money in the local economy.

What did they think would happen?

They thought that JFK Jr. would show up at the place where his father murdered and reveal himself. They also believed that an entire slew of dead people would be resurrected at the Rolling Stones concert, including Michael Jackson, Elvis, Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King, and several others.

They spewed anti-Semitic tropes and told tales of underground sex trafficking, the Illuminati, and the freemasons.

None of these people live in a world anywhere close to reality. Sure, it’s easy to poke fun at how stupid or brainwashed they are, but the fact of the matter is we are all witnessing severely mentally ill people who were taken advantage of by those who saw easy targets to milk for cash.

America undoubtedly has a mental health crisis, and now we all have a mess to deal with.

All of these people will be voting in the next election, will you?

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