Does Speaker Dade Phelan Have a Spine? We’ll All Soon Find Out.

Does Speaker Dade Phelan Have a Spine? We’ll All Soon Find Out.

Yesterday, the orange one put out a statement accusing Speaker Dade Phelan of standing in the way of a forensic audit of four Texas Counties.

Speaker Dade Phelan has yet to respond, but the Trump-trolls are already flooding Phelan’s social media, demanding he brings the audit bill to the floor so the majority Republican House can pass it. Trump is also threatening to have Phelan primaried.

Usually, we would give two shits whether a Republican was primaried or not, but for Texas Democrats in District 21, this will be complicated in 2022. Aside from that, this entire “audit” is a bullshit sham that will cost taxpayers millions and target key counties in Texas’ 2024 elections.

Trump won Texas, so why do Republicans want an audit?

In 2020, there were 5.2 million voting Democrats and 5 million registered voters. Our gains in Texas substantially have outpaced Republican gains every election cycle for nearly a decade.

Texas is turning blue, it’s inevitable, due to the shifts in demographics and population losses in rural counties. Republicans are panicking. They can’t win the White House if they lose Texas.

This audit, a bill by Senator Paul Bettencourt, would audit four counties, two Democratic and two Republican. But then they named Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin. Tarrant County flipped blue last election. So, they really meant three Democratic and one Republican. (And Collin County is on the verge of flipping)

Republicans want to audit these counties because all four of them are likely to be blue in 2024, and an audit would:

  • Sow doubt in the 2022 and 2024 elections.
  • Help Republicans figure out how to cheat in the 2022 and 2024 elections.
  • Help Trump raise more money for his supposed 2024 campaign.

Who’s paying for this sham audit so Republicans can figure out how to cheat?

Texas taxpayers, of course. And this so-called audit will cost us millions of dollars.

Texas Republicans, all in lock-step with Abbott, have shown no allegiance to the truth. So, is there any reason why we would expect truth or honesty from the GOP during or after an audit?

The fate of this sham audit all rests on Speaker Dade Phelan and whether or not he brings the bill to the House floor. Hence Trump’s attack on him and threats of a primary.

A few weeks ago, Danny Miller, the head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, filed paperwork with the State declaring he was planning on running for the State House District 21, Dade Phelan’s district.

Miller’s organization is a group with Neo-Confederate ideology and ties to white supremacy and domestics terrorist organizations. Miller has spent the last two years traveling from county to county and speaking with Republican groups, trying to get them all on board with the secessionist movement. The last place this man should be is in a legislative office.

If Dade Phelan had any backbone at all, he would tell Trump and other extremists to shove off.

Not only will this sham audit cost the taxpayer millions, it will be done with malicious intent to hurt people of color and Democratic voters of Texas.

Will Phelan go down as another spineless, gutless GOP member catering to the orange one? Or will he prove to everyone that there are Republicans left in Texas with at least some integrity?

There are nine days left of this third special session.

Call Speaker Dade Phelan’s office (every day if you need to), and tell him not to pick up this sham bill. Texas voters and taxpayers know that this audit is a guise to mine data that the GOP will need to suppress votes and make sure Democrats don’t win.

Speake Dade Phelan – 512-463-0706

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