Neo-Nazism Is On The Rise In Texas And Greg Abbott’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Neo-Nazism Is On The Rise In Texas And Greg Abbott’s Silence Speaks Volumes

AUSTIN, Texas — In the last week, Texas has been rocked by multiple neo-Nazi appearances, with out-of-state hate group members holding hateful, anti-Semitic actions in both San Antonio and Austin. This disgusting development is an affront to all Texans, and an unacceptable attack on Jewish communities across the state. However, in response to this rising threat to public safety, Gov. Greg Abbott has taken no action to protect Jewish Texans or condemn antisemitism and hate.

This is not the first time Abbott has put Texans in danger, nor is it the first time Republicans have opened the door to racism and hate in Texas. The disturbing resurgence of neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial is clearly rooted in the racism and hate fueled by Trump Republicans over the last four years. But recent Texas Republican policy is equally to blame. Earlier this month, Texas Republicans’ law censoring education around racism and sexism led some school administrators to go so far as to urge teachers to teach Holocaust denial to Texas children. Texas Republican State Rep. Matt Krause recently doubled down on the law, forcing schools to account for books on a potential ban list — which includes a book on women’s experiences during the Holocaust and dozens of nationally-celebrated, highly acclaimed titles.

Further, federal Texas Republicans are actively defending neo-Nazism and hate. Recently and mindbogglingly, disgraced Senator Ted Cruz actually went out of his way to defend Nazi salutes in schools. This is shameful. Texas Democrats are calling on Abbott and Texas Republicans to denounce antisemitism, hate, and the neo-Nazism rearing its ugly head in Texas. If our governor’s loyalties lie with out-of-state hate groups and not with Texans, every Texan deserves to know.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Over the last week, Texas cities have faced an onslaught of neo-Nazi activity from hate group members from out of state. There is no place for hate and antisemitism in Texas, and our Jewish communities should not have to face these disgusting attacks and intimidation. Yet days after out-of-state neo-Nazis flooded Texas, Greg Abbott still hasn’t denounced this hate and antisemitism — and his silence speaks volumes.

“Texans deserve to know that they can count on their leaders to speak out against hate and protect our communities from the threat of violence. Instead, Greg Abbott is welcoming hate groups with open arms, and putting Texans in harm’s way. If our governor isn’t willing to denounce actual neo-Nazis, then it is long past time for him to move out of the way for leaders who actually care about Texans. Abbott is showing us for the hundredth time that he does not deserve his job. Texans are ready to vote Abbott out, and Democrats are ready to show our state what real leadership looks like.”

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