Harris Co. PAC Endorse Anti-Vaxxers, Racists, And Bigots For ISD

Harris Co. PAC Endorse Anti-Vaxxers, Racists, And Bigots For ISD

While this shouldn’t surprise anyone, it shows the depth of the GOP’s depravity in their attempt to infuriate school boards with radicals.

The Conservative Coalition of Harris County is a far-right-wing PAC in Harris County led by the aunt of one of Texas’ worst legislatures, Valoree Swanson. They’re not a big PAC, but they hold a lot of self-importance. I learned last year about Harris County Republicans that they often think that they are much more important than they are. Unfortunately, this particular PAC isn’t any different.

Here is how they describe themselves on their website: “CCHC-PAC is basically self-funded, collecting donations to cover our moderate expenses from panel members during election cycles.” Basically self-funded? Basically? What does that even mean? Usually, when someone adds “basically” into a sentence like that, there’s more to it.

CCHP has endorsed ISD candidates from Houston, Cy-Fair, and Klein. Unfortunately, each candidate they’ve endorsed is worst than the next. While Living Blue in Texas isn’t following those races and hasn’t made any endorsements, below are some candidates who you should probably not vote to place in charge of your child’s education.

Houston – Caroline Walter.

One of the first pictures that greet you when you go to Caroline Walter’s page is two Black children fighting in the school bathroom. The caption to the picture reads, “kids are scared to go to school each day.”

Wow. Houston ISD is 62% Hispanic and 25% Black. What would Caroline Walters do if she was in charge of their education while publicly inferring that kids are scared to go to school because two Black children fought in the bathroom? Nothing good.

Oh, it gets better.

In another Facebook post, she says, “we are the terrorists.”

I’m sorry. What?

Is Caroline Walter openly admitting to being a domestic terrorist on Facebook?

Does that mean she was in DC on January 6? Does she belong to a militia group? A hate group? Who knows, but she wants to be in charge of your children’s education. Yikes.

Houston – Kendall Lee Baker.

I am always skeptical of Black Conservatives simply because conservatism is built on a foundation of white supremacy. However, that is not my space to speak in.

Kendall Lee Baker, Black Conservative, was an outspoken critic of Houston’s equal rights ordinance a few years ago that ended gender discrimination. Unfortunately, it was the ordinance that led to the Texas Legislature’s embarrassing bathroom bill shibacle.

That’s not all. Baker had a 20-year career with the City of Houston. He was fired from after it was determined that he had made lewd comments, sexual advances, engaged in inappropriate touching, and solicited sexual acts from the females he was supervising.

Pastor Kendall Lee Baker speaks out against equal rights.

Houston – Bridget Butler Wade.

Bridget is an anti-masker who believes children of “freedom-loving patriots” should be sent to schools unmasked to infect dozens of unvaccinated, sometimes at risk, children. Because Conservatives lived in a warped parallel universe where killing children is acceptable, as long as they’re “owning the libs.”

Klein – Natalie Pilkinton.

Woo, Natalie is one piece of work. Let me tell y’all; this woman is angry at her sewed views of reality. She’s angry about Marxism, and she’s angry over CRT. She also thinks that white people are victims of racism.

68% of Klein ISD are students of color, yet Natalie Pilkinton has been an outspoken anti-CRT advocate.

At this point, most educated adults capable of critical thinking skills are well aware that the GOP’s fight against so-called CRT is really white supremacy in disguise.

Many parents found that out as recently as this week when teachers in Southlake were told that they had to teach an opposing view of the Holocaust. That was part of the racist anti-CRT bill that passed in the Texas Legislature’s regular session.

Texas schools are not, nor have they ever taught, Critical Race Theory. Yet, Republicans have used it as a buzzword to erase equality in schools and ensure that teachers continue teaching Lost Cause mythology and white heroism.

At this point, it’s hard to say if anyone that professes to be against CRT is sincerely that stupid or they really are trying to push a white supremacist agenda.

Klein – Denise Morrison.

Denise Morrison is more of the same. Even though 68% of Klein’s students are minorities, she thinks they don’t deserve to learn about Black history or Mexican history. Instead, much like the anti-CRT pushed for in the Texas Legislature, anyone driving for anti-CRT wasn’t to whitewash history and push white supremacy.

What’s an opposing view of the Holocaust? White Supremacy.

What’s an opposing view of slavery? White supremacy.

Anti-CRT erases Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights Movement, and so much more.

Further, in Denise Morrison’s pledge for anti-CRT, she talks about Christianity and Christ.

Where does that leave the Jewish, Muslim, and Atheist children if Klein ISD?

If Denise Morrison is only planning on working for white Christian students in Klein ISD, she obviously has no place in a diverse school district like Klein.

Cy-Fair – Natalie Blasingame.

Do you want to take a guess?

That’s right, just like the other Conservatives endorsed by CCHC, Natalie is against equality, inclusion and wraps it up in a pretty bow which the GOP likes to call “anti-CRT.”

IT’s almost like the Ku Klux Klan put out a call to action from the mountain tops and told Republicans to run for the school boards and fight against equality and inclusion, but call it anti-CRT. A call they all answered.

Your children’s futures are at stake.

These Conservatives running for the school board in Harris County do not have all of the children’s best interests in mind. They are against children of color learning about their history, against LGBTQ students, and against keeping kids safe during a global pandemic.

Vote. Vote in every single election, and if you live in Harris County, get to the polls and vote against oppression, racism, and spreading coronavirus. Early voting is happening right now. The last day to early vote is October 29 and election day is November 2. Get to the polls!!

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