Domestic Terrorist Are Using TikTok As Recruitment Tool, Organizing Shock Troops

Domestic Terrorist Are Using TikTok As Recruitment Tool, Organizing Shock Troops

Just as they did on January 6, the far-right is organizing and planning out in the open on social media platforms.

Earlier this week, a video was released which shows Steve Bannon talking about shock troops on his podcast. Bannon and other insurrectionist supporters are planning to have 20,000 shock troops ready to take over the government

While mainstream media focuses on how the Democratic Party is in chaos over the Build Back Better Plan (even though they aren’t), once again, the planning of an insurrection, coup, and overthrow of the government is happening out in the open. 

Social media commentators crack jokes about “Meal Team 6” and “Gravy Seals,” much like they did before January 6, failing to take threats to our democracy once again seriously.

And Bannon? Although, he is openly planning treason and will likely not face any consequences. Failure to hold traitors accountable is as American as apple pie, and we’ve been doing it since the Civil War.

What’s happening on TikTok, anyway?

We won’t have to have to wait until the 2024 elections to have to deal with these so-called “shock troops.” They are already planning, organizing, and training now. 

Recently, I started a TikTok account to get on the Conservative side of TikTok; what I found was horrifying. Far-right actors are openly planning violence and overthrowing the government out in the open. Many make threats of violence towards Biden, Harris, Pelosi, even FBI Director Wray, and several of them talk about shooting or killing Democrats. 

They do this without fear or worry because they’ve been doing it for years. First on Facebook, then Twitter, now TikTok and Telegram.

The people planning and talking about these things aren’t fat 50-year-olds who want to LARP (some are); many of them are in their 20s and 30s, in good shape, and ex-military. 

Aside from TikTok and Telegram, these extremists use websites like MyMilitia to find other extremists to connect with. 

While many extremists are connecting, planning, and training, some have already taken action. 

Those are incidents that have happened just in the last two months.

Why not just report these people to the FBI?

I’ve reported several, especially when they are direct threats of violence, but there are so many of them that I can’t just spam the FBI tip line all day.

There are plenty of people out there reporting these crazies, and we know that by the number of them who brag about being on an FBI watchlist like it’s some kind of flex.

If they are on an FBI watchlist, it hasn’t stopped them from posting violent rhetoric on TikTok.

My last article about the “patriot” side of TikTok made its way to the far-right blogosphere. The criticism was that I couldn’t prove that the movement was beyond the few videos I posted, that the ideology these people have isn’t wide-spread.

I could post hundreds of these videos, maybe thousands. Instead, I’ll give you the hashtags I followed to land on this side of TikTok.

I strongly encourage other activists and journalists to start a dummy account, follow these hashtags, and share with everyone what you are seeing. These so-called “patriots” and their movement towards violence and treason is wider than a sample few.

Hashtags to follow to find this side of TikTok:

#prepare, #joebidensucks, #republican, #trump, #americafirst, #moveinsilence, #alphabetboys #stuartscheller, #miltokcommunity, #monolabe, #valhalla, #nwo, #newworldorder, #shtf, #prepper, #pissedoffconservative, #pureblood_nation, #calltoarms, #standproud, #libertarian, #justsaynotothevax, #revolutionary, #revolution, #republicans, #patriotsrising, #miltok, #blackflagnation, #antivaxxer, #redneck, #buckfiden, #patriotsoftiktok, #notmypresident, #trumpwon, #libertyloving, #libertyordeath, #nocompliance, #militia, #fjoebiden, #unvaxed, #nomasknovirus, #constutionalist, #war, #patriotfam, #noquarter, #tyranny, #patriotism, #unvaxxinated, #pureblood, #republicansoftiktok, #purebloods, #usa, #freedomfighters, #2amendmentrights, #redwhiteandblue, #army, #military, #miltok, #unmasked, #constitutionalrepublic, #novaccinehere, #comeandtakeit, #protectyourrights, #america, #donaldtrump, #redkingdom, #trumptrain,

#trump2020, #blackflag, #trumpwasright, #conservativewomen, #riseup, #bidensamerica, #conservative, #rightpatriot, #freedom, #wakeup, #patriots, #2a, #2ndamendment, #donttreadonme, #wethepeople, #tactical, #vettok, #secondamendment, #patriot, #bidensucks, #maga, #trump2024, #hoisttheblackflag

Those are all of the hashtags I followed to wind up on the domestic terrorist side of TikTok. I don’t know if it was all of them combined or just a few. But I know if you follow all of them you will wind up seeing plenty of people who are threatening violence and spreading conspiracy theories.

What is TikTok’s role in this?

TikTok has done a fairly decent job at removing these videos and banning accounts when they are alerted to the videos.

The videos have to be reported first. Once the account has been reported so many times, the account gets banned. This is the same method used by any other social media platform.

However, based on the way their algorithm is made, the videos may get thousands of views before actually removed.

Kyle Rittenhouse and the group he was with, in Kenosha, WI, used Facebook groups to coordinate domestic terrorism before Rittenhouse murdered three people last August.

After that, Facebook banned a lot of these so-called patriots. They don’t plan things out in the open on Facebook anymore, but they’ve moved to other platforms.

When Republicans say they are being “censored on social media,” this is the type of content they post. It gets removed, and then they cry about free speech.

Eventually, enough of them will get banned on TikTok that they will cry censorship and move on to another platform.

What can be done?

The Center for Strategic & International Studies reported this year that 6.4% of domestic terrorism incidents are linked to active duty and reserve personnel.

The Biden administration has been pushing a plan to combat domestic terrorism in America.

However, the ACLU doesn’t think his plan is taking the proper steps. Hopefully, the plan will evolve.

Many of these people are being indoctrinated and fed misinformation (which they believe) directly from Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax. Others are getting their info from YouTube and social media.

A lot of misinformation and push towards violence is coming directly from elected Republicans in Congress.

We know that because they tell us that. They will say they saw a Congressman or a Senator on OAN or Fox and said official said it was time to stand up, or whatever.

While laws on the books are supposed to punish people for encouraging sedition and treason, we all learned from January 6 that the media and elected officials who promoted sedition received no consequences.


That’s a good question. Why haven’t the Republicans and media outlets who contributed to January 6 been held accountable?

Expose these people, report them, call your elected officials in Congress, and demand accountability.

Be aware that January 6 likely wasn’t the last domestic terrorist incident we’ll see.

Be vigilant.

And if you see something, say something.

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