Meet Dennis Sherrard – Candidate For Texas House District 92

Meet Dennis Sherrard – Candidate For Texas House District 92

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HD92 is primed for flipping blue. Dennis Sherrard is a strong Democrat running to make that happen.

Last week, I met with Dennis Sherrard, a candidate for HD92. (Video below). Dennis is running for office because, like all of us, he was appalled at the performance of the 87th Legislature. As many of us know, the 87th Legislature failed to protect Texas during the pandemic (and is still failing). Our Republican government was unable to protect us during the big freeze when 700 Texans died, and even after that, the GOP has made little effort to stop it from occurring again.

Despite the multiple crises facing Texas, the GOP majority in the 87th prioritized a far-right agenda: Constitutional carry, guaranteeing Texas to be less safe, a draconian abortion law setting us back 50 years, and a variety of other things which the majority of Texas didn’t want.

The majority of Texans wanted our elected officials to expand healthcare and improve public education, improving poverty in Texas.

Even though most Texans wanted those things, the Republican-led 87th Legislature was silent on all of those things.

“It’s clear to me that this Republican Cabal that has been running Texas since 2003; they have defined their interest group; a very narrow group of Texans. Not all Texans. They are only focused on a few. They are focused on the ones that can keep them in power and the ones that match their somewhat absurd value systems. And the rest of us can go fend for ourselves. I’ve decided that an opposing voice to that perspective needs to be heard. It needs to be heard aggressively and loud, and that’s why I’m running.” – Dennis Sherrard.

Texas House District 92 is READY to turn blue!

2016 Election Results
2018 Election Results
2020 Election Results

Back in 2016, Republicans had a 17-point lead on Democrats in HD92. Of course, that’s back when their Rep was Johnathan Stickland.

Stickland was widely unpopular, and much like his successor, leaned too far to the right. By the next election cycle in 2018, that lead Republicans held over Democrats in HD92 fell to 1.5 points.

Last year, Cason won the seat by only 3 points.

Now, when there isn’t a populist like Trump running, can Republicans maintain that lead in HD92?

I bet not.

The Republican turnout in Texas in 2020 was directly correlated to Trump. He isn’t on the ballot anymore. Of all of the districts that may flip in 2022, HD92 will likely be one of them.

So, if Dennis Sherrard is likely headed for the Texas House, we need to know his positions.

I asked Dennis, if elected, what are some of the things he would focus on getting rid of.

I know you’re wondering why I asked him what he’ll get rid of before what he’d do. We recorded this interview on September 1, the same day 666 new, mostly terrible, Texas laws went into effect, and I was still stewing. But he gave the best answer, “The first thing that needs to go is the Republican majority.

Then he said there was a litany of other laws that needed to be rolled back,

  • The new voter suppression law.
  • The draconian abortion ban.
  • The irresponsible constitutional carry.

Great! Now, what is Dennis Sherrard for?

  • Expanding Medicaid.
  • Fixing the inequality of Texas’ education system.
  • Ensuring our electrical grid continues to work.
  • Making sure that cities and counties maintain local control.

I don’t know about you, but all of this is music to my ears and is exactly what Texas needs.

Dennis has been involved in politics since he was 13 years old and even stuffed envelopes for George McGovern when he ran for president in 1972.

Before retiring, Dennis was a small business owner and supported Democratic candidates while remaining engaged in the democratic process. Throughout his life, he’s worked hard to elect Democratic candidates by block walking, phone banking, and even was a campaign manager for several campaigns.

You can read more about Dennis and who he is HERE.

Here is where you can find Dennis Sherrard:

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