Texas Democrats Welcome Justice Department’s Decision to Sue Texas’ State Government, Defend Abortion Rights

Texas Democrats Welcome Justice Department’s Decision to Sue Texas’ State Government, Defend Abortion Rights

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AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Hannah Roe Beck issued the following statement on the announcement that the U.S. Department of Justice will sue the state of Texas over Greg Abbott’s unconstitutional abortion ban:

“Texas Democrats are beyond grateful to our U.S. Justice Department for its decision to sue Texas’ Republican government over S.B. 8. As Attorney General Garland said today, ‘This kind of scheme to nullify the constitution of the United States is one that all Americans, whatever their politics or party, should fear.’ This dystopian abortion ban is uniquely harmful, exceptionally cruel, and blatantly unconstitutional. It targets millions of Texans — especially working people, Texans of color, and folks in rural communities. Today, our federal government stepped up to put a stop to it.

“Today’s announcement shows that while Texas remains a nexus of Republicans’ attacks on Americans, it’s also the heart of the resistance. Led by abortion advocates, Texans have rallied and raised hell and refused to be silenced since the moment this ban was put forward — and Texas Democrats have stood with them every step of the way.  Our voices are the ones that are carrying. We were loud enough that the whole country heard us — and we shined the spotlight so bright on Abbott’s tyranny that no one could ignore it.

“Here’s the message this sends to the millions of Texans affected by Abbott’s ban: you are seen. Your rights matter. And your federal government is fighting for you. The Justice Department’s actions today are the definition of strong, just leadership — the kind of leadership Texans need and deserve. In the face of Greg Abbott’s continued attacks on our rights, our health, and our safety, Texas Democrats will keep fighting every single day to end Abbott’s reign of terror.”

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