Living Blue in Texas Endorses Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General

Living Blue in Texas Endorses Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General

Joe Jaworski will bring integrity back to the office of Attorney General.

When we think about our State Attorney General here in Texas, our most recent AGs come to mind. Ken Paxton is a criminal, who supported sedition, tried to undermine democracy, and continuously works against the best interests of Texans. The AG before him, Greg Abbott… Abbott was just as terrible of an AG as he is a governor.

Depending on your age, you might not be able to recall a time in Texas when we could say we had an excellent AG with integrity who works for the best interests of all Texans. We know what our previous Attorney Generals have done, but what is an Attorney General supposed to do?

Attorneys Generals are the top legal officers of their state or territory. They advise and represent their legislature and state agencies and act as the “People’s Lawyer.”

What are Joe Jaworski’s priorities?

Joe Jaworski has promised never to embarrass Texas in the Supreme Court like our last few Attorney Generals have done. He will never file frivolous litigation in ANY courts, whether that is state or federal. Joe has vowed to protect Texas’ rights when he goes to court as AG and not pull political stunts like his predecessors.

Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General

Ken Paxton has sued the federal government regarding the ACA (many times) to prevent Texans from having healthcare. Joe has vowed to dismiss all ACA-related lawsuits on day one in office. Although Ken Paxton has been one of the many roadblocks for getting Medicaid expanded in Texas, Joe will knock that roadblock down.

Joe Jaworski is in favor of legalizing and taxing cannabis.

He has also promised to support cities, counties, and school districts in their innovative approach to local government. This is huge. If you have been paying attention over the last decade in Texas, Republicans have been chipping away at local control. For example, Ken Paxton just sued multiple school districts for implementing mask mandates to try and keep their children safe.

Joe is the former mayor of Galveston, and he knows how important local control is. Something that many Texans took for granted years ago. Under the Republican rule, the state has taken control of all local laws and ordinances. It’s tyrannical, and it’s unamerican.

While Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to take away the voting rights of Texans, Joe has promised to take Ken Paxton’s “voter fraud” unit and turn it into Joe Jaworski’s voter access unit. Right now in Texas, citizens have no one to turn to if their right to vote is being deprived, or the lines are too long, or they closed the doors early. Joe has promised to stand up for the voting rights of all Texans.

Joe plans on creating a Texas Attorney General Civil Rights Division.

If you live in Texas and you’ve been paying attention at all, this is something that is greatly needed. From voting rights to housing and employment, most of us have known at least one person who has had their civil rights violated in the State of Texas. Yet, there has been no recourse from the state.

Joe wants to change that. He promises to create this division to keep a level playing field for all Texans and their families.

That’s not the only change that Joe wants to bring to the Attorney General’s office.

Over the last year, there have been several employees at Ken Paxton’s Attorney General’s office who have reached out to Joe, not to be a whistleblower, but because they’re excited about him. They’ve told him that in the current AG’s office and the morale is horrible. According to what they told Joe, the pay in the AG office is not that great, and no one gets raises because so much of the AG’s money goes to frivolous lawsuits.

There are 4,200 employees at the AG’s office. Joe plans on creating a diverse leadership council after he’s elected. He wants to give rise to the talent of all races, creeds, and genders. Joe said that he thinks the AG’s office and the leadership council should reflect Texas, which is only 39.75% non-Hispanic white. We agree with this.

So, who is Joe Jaworski, anyway?

Joe Jaworski will be 60-years old when he takes office as Texas Attorney General. Joe is the grandson of the famed Watergate Prosecutor Leon Jaworski. He was very close with his grandfather and even lived with him while he was in college. Leon Jaworski made a significant impact on Joe’s career and his life.

The principles Joe’s grandfather instilled in him are why he chooses to run for Attorney General. Nearly fifty years ago, Leon Jaworski took on corruption and fought for justice with the Nixon administration. And as the highest office in the land was once plagued by corruption, Texas now has dozens of corrupt officials who think they are above the law.

Joe is promising to bring integrity back to the Attorney General’s office because he believes no one is above the law.

Joe describes his “political awakening” happening during his third year of law school. (I’ve heard several of his stories, but this one is by far my favorite.) He and his wife were newly married, and they were living in Austin. In May 1991, he went to the grocery store and ran into none other than Governor Ann Richards. He had a memorable conversation with her and described her as gracious and witty. That encounter with the fabulous Ann Richards meant a lot to Joe and gave him so much hope and excitement for the future of Texas.

Then 1994 happened. And while George W. Bush is much more moderate than our current governor, Texas has been downhill since then.

Joe Jaworski is a third-generation Texas trial attorney and former Mayor of Galveston, Texas. Joe’s term as mayor was defined by his unwavering support for and success in rebuilding Galveston’s storm-devastated public housing. This political choice made a positive difference for thousands of Island residents but cost him a second term. He also owns The Jaworski Law Firm, headquartered in Galveston, and his practice is 100% mediation. He specializes in mediating Defense Base Act claims, mediating hundreds of claims annually domestically and abroad; these are the claims brought by military contractors for personal injuries arising from the War on Terror.

For all of these reasons and more, Living Blue in Texas is endorsing Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General.

We believe in Joe Jaworski and the principles which he stands for. We know when he is elected, he will work hard for Texas and do so with integrity.

You can find Joe on his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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