Jim Crow SB 1

Jim Crow SB 1

Texas Republicans are committed to perpetuating the hoax that voters, people like you and me, are somehow illegally interfering with elections in an illegal way.

Press release from Dr. Nancy Nichols, State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC), Senate District 1 (SD1) Committeewoman

Today, Governor Abbott is here in Tyler to sign Senate Bill 1 – the Jim Crow Voter Suppression Bill with the goal to restrict the right of Americans to vote. This is a racist, anti-democracy bill. It casts Texas as the hardest state in the country to vote in.

Right here in Tyler, Abbott is signing that bill into law as if pointing the finger directly at Smith County voters like we’re rigging statewide and national elections. What an insult. It’s disgusting. Abbott is here because he thinks East Texans are so stupid that we blindly believe what is being puked out from his office.

This Jim Crow SB1 is about restricting our right to vote. Drive-thru voting or casting a ballot from inside a vehicle unless participating in curbside voting due to sickness or a disability was highly successful in Houston during the November 2020 general election. Regular people: people with real jobs, parents with kids, students, and people with heath worries could actually vote in safety and comfort. It made it easier for election workers too. SB1 kills that choice except for curbside voting due to sickness or a disability. We know SB1 is going after suppressing the minority vote because 53% of voters using the new methods were racial and ethnic minorities.

The Jim Crow SB1 makes it harder for regular folks to help their neighbors vote. Maybe your neighbor is disabled or doesn’t speak English – or doesn’t speak at all, but you can help your neighbor by assisting them as they vote. Now helpers have to fill out a special form and take an oath in order to help. Helpers will have to wait while election workers find the form and administer the oath. Drivers who carry seven or more nonfamily members to a polling location for curbside voting have to fill out a form giving their name and address and indicate whether they also provided help casting any ballots. This is all about keeping citizens out of the polls. Making it harder to vote. Denying Texans access to vote.

All registered voters should receive mail-in applications. All registered voters should be able to drive thru and vote. Voting is our right – for all of us.

What are Republicans afraid of that they need to suppress the vote in our state?

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